Everyone around us encourages to eat healthy and right kind of food all the time. During our childhood, we are allowed to eat most of the food items, but the list tapers down as the age progresses. Read on to know about the age appropriate food that we must consume.

It is extremely important and wise to eat according to the age in order to minimize the occurrence of any lifestyle related diseases. Here is a list for you to refer regarding the food choices so that you may adopt healthy eating habits for your age.

  • In the thirties, you should try to adopt a preventive lifestyle that forms a base for your future health and limit the risk of lifestyle related disorders. Adopting healthy eating habits, such as regularly consuming wholesome breakfast, eating generous servings of yogurt, a few nut and dry fruits, including fresh ingredients for cooking, minimizing usage of processed food products and intake of red meat, keeping a tab on your protein intake, choosing healthy carbohydrates, etc. should be considered at this age.
  • In the forties, you should start listening to the signals of your body and try to rest, relax and sleep at appropriate hours. You might experience a decline in your energy levels, which are the early signs of aging. Try to avoid drinking for a few days in a week, in case you are a regular drinker and keep a check on your blood sugar level, body weights, and body fat level.
  • In the fifties, you might experience a change in your hormonal constitution, particularly in women, that may affect your body weight, blood glucose, and energy levels. This is also the time to be cautious about osteoporosis and monitor the calcium and vitamin D intake. You must also try to balance your oil intake and consume the healthy type of oils, eat healthier sources of saturated fat, and avoid processed foods to support the cardiovascular health.
  • In the sixties, it is the time to be cautious of what you eat as many types of illnesses are hovering around you during this time of your life. A decline in digestion may be experienced by a few that can be supported by eating fibrous foods, whole grains, probiotic rich foods, and plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables.
  • In the seventies and eighties, it is extremely important to reduce your food intake and start consuming food at frequent intervals. Eating healthy during this age is important to sustain comfortable aging while saving yourself from being malnourished because of unhealthy eating habits. With weak dental structure and digestion, it is advisable to eat plenty of fresh vegetables and restrict the use of very heavy food preparations and raw foods.