Eminem Warms Hearts By Donating 400 Spaghetti Meals To Healthcare Workers

Famous American rapper Eminem tops headlines for his charitable donation to healthcare workers in Detroit amidst the pandemic. Like many other celebrities have done, Eminem donated food. Still, he notably added a unique twist – a tribute to a line in one of his hit songs, "Lose Yourself" – by making it delicious "Mom's Spaghetti" meals!

By Cookist

Local news reports share that the award-winning star sent four hundred containers of "Mom's Spaghetti" to two different hospitals in Detroit, the Henry Ford Hospital and Detroit Receiving Hospital.

Eminem extended this hand of help through his charity organization, The Marshall Mathers Foundation. The organization collaborated with the Michigan restaurant group Union Joints that prepared all the meals.

Photos of the delicious meals are now milling about the internet. Each meal container was made with a bold logo that read "Mom's Spaghetti" on one side and a thank you note to the workers on the other.

The meals were well received, with Henry Ford Hospital taking to social media to air appreciation for the thoughtful donation.

This is not the first time that healthcare workers, as well as essential service workers like shop attendants, food institutions, and others, will be accorded special appreciation as the coronavirus pandemic rages on.

Many famous figures like Eminem have shown support for these workers who risk their lives every day while trying to save and provide for others.

However, devoted fans of the rapper will know that the donation is more because it also pays tribute to one of his hit songs, "Lose Yourself," from  the movie "8 Mile."

The words, "Mom's Spaghetti" hold a special meaning for the entertainer as this isn't the first time he'll be paying tribute to the movie and song.

Even more fascinating is the fact that Eminem's food donations to health workers are scheduled to continue over the next few weeks.

Kudos, Eminem!

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