Read on to know about the one-meal diet!

The desire to lose weight and attain a slim frame requires dedication, persistence, and hard work. In this journey, people often try out many things to see what works for their body or to add some variety to the rather monotonous ritual of working out tirelessly every day.

The newest diet, which is incidentally a fad diet, is to eat just one meal in the day to shed that extra body weight. This way of intermittent fasting controls the calories consumed in a day, which also gives out amazing results.

But, the bigger question is that for how long can one sustain on this diet? While, almost all the medical practitioners around the world advice against following this diet, some studies suggest if a nutritious and balanced meal is consumed for that particular meal, then it can give good results as well.

The best part about this one-meal diet is that there are no restrictions on the type of food that one can eat for that particular meal. Few studies support that intermittent fasting is also beneficial to manage blood sugar and blood pressure levels.

The drawbacks of this diet are that one may experience low blood pressure and dizziness because of fasting for a long duration. Many people also experience weakness, irritability, and lack of concentration while following this diet plan.