People around the world are consuming bee pollens for its health benefits. But, is it really worth the hype and how safe is it to consume? Continue reading to get answers to these vital questions regarding the bee pollen.

Bee pollens are the latest food miracle that a majority of health conscious population around the world is trying out for the health benefit it offers. However, not all claims regarding bee pollens are backed by scientific studies and there is still some time until we have conclusive data regarding its effect on our body.

Popularized by various international celebrities, bee pollens are consumed by many to reduce the signs of aging. In fact, it has been termed as a complete food by many of these celebrities.

So, what exactly is bee pollen? It is actually bee food that the little bee collects from various flowers, mix with some honey and other hive elements, and store in sacs present on the hind legs. Once the sac has accumulated enough pollens, the mix in sac condenses in to tiny granules. These granules are of utmost importance and are removed using special devices by the bee keeper.

How does it taste like? Bee pollens are yellow in color and have a rather crunchy texture. They have a bitter-sweet taste and are commercially available both as granules and in capsules. You may top your favorite shake and smoothie with these granules or add them to the breakfast porridge or soup as well.

What is its nutritional content? It is believed that bee pollens are nutritionally very diverse as it contains nearly 11 carbohydrates, 14 fatty acids, 25% of it is the protein that includes 22 amino acids, 18 vitamins, 25 vital minerals, and 59 essential trace elements. It is also rich in carotenes, B complex vitamins, and lecithin. However, the nutritional content of bee pollen is not similar for all the brands as it largely depends upon the species of flower and area from where the bee has collected the pollens.

What are the health benefits of consuming bee pollens? These miniature nutritional bombs offer a wide scale of health benefits. It is beneficial to reduce the risk of getting cancer, assists in weight loss, boost energy levels, and delays the signs of aging. Some people have found these pollens beneficial against pollen allergies as well. However, there is not enough research evidence to back these claims.

How safe is it to consume bee pollens? Bee pollen is safe to consume product that cannot be labeled vegan, though. Still, you should always consult a doctor before including it in your diet.