Baking a cake might seem easy, and on the internet you can find lots of cakes so heavenly that they seem unreal. But reality is different. Take a look at this list of funny cakes, for example, and be aware that reality doesn't always meet expectation.

  1. Are THOSE pigs taking a bath or lying dead?

2. At least that nose looks nice.

3. Mirror, mirror on the wall… who's the ugliest of them all?

4. Yes, we know that Art is freedom of expression, but…

5. To the infinity… and beyond! Maybe TOO MUCH beyond.

6. This is ugly. And funny.

7. Even Frankenstein loves to build a snowman.

8. The Melted Effect.

9. Meet Olaf and his weirdo brother.

10. Hannah Montana's been eating a lot lately.

11. A space disaster.

12. Surrealist Spongebob.

13. No, Ariel, please… NO!

14. When Ariel met Poochie.

15. Wait… what's in his mouth?!

16. Hulk, what did they do to you?

17. Ok, we all know that Spiderman wears a white baggy suit. Get out of our way, you red impostor!

18. What a cute drag… EEK! What's THAT?

19. How to turn a sheep into a (shocked) cat.

20. Mary had a little lamb… Yes. HAD.