Expired food: 10 foods that can be eaten after the expiry date

It is not always necessary to immediately throw away the expired food. It is very important to read and understand the label and store the food correctly.

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Opening the fridge, how many times we realized that the expiry date of a packaged food had passed by and so we wondered if we could eat it anyway? Actually, as all experts confirm, often the expiry date shown on the products packaging is only a commodity issue, so at most the food can lose certain taste characteristics but it is not always necessary to immediately throw away the expired food. Obviously a lot depends on the type of food and how it has been stored, so in most cases just accurately read the label and pay attention when you open the product to check it.

As already said, then the first thing to look for is the caption about expiry date on the packaging. If it is reported just the expiry date, it is better not to eat the product after this date, on the contrary if it is written "to be consumed preferably within", it is widely probable that the food is still perfectly good to eat. Obviously it should preferred to eat specific products such as dry ones, which show no signs of degradation and which have been well preserved, while the so-called fresh foods should be avoided (if expired).

Dan Cluderay, expert on the subject and Approved Food website owner (where expired food is sold at a discounted price), tried to give some advice. According to some key features, this website has compiled a sort of ten foods rank that can be eaten without problems after the expiry date:

  • 1 – Packaged potato chips. Although they are not very healthy, the preservation date is prolonged considerably thanks to the massive presence of salt.
  • 2 – Chocolate. For this sweet food, it is the quantity of sugar that guarantees its preservation.
  • 3 – Ketchup. It is one of those products where the correct storage makes the difference, since it can be consumed even a year after the expiry date if it is stored in a cool and dry place.
  • 4 – Yogurt. In general it can last up to six weeks after the expiry date, just be careful about the presence of mold when you open it.
  • 5 – Hard or seasoned cheese. It is one of those products that practically never expires. Just be careful with the mold, but it is enough to scrape it off with a knife. Instead, the soft cheeses must be strictly avoided (if expired).
  • 6 – Milk. With milk you must be very careful, just look at it: if it starts to smell badly and to thicken, it cannot be consumed.
  • 7 – Eggs. Also with eggs the examination is important. To understand if they are good, you just have to immerse them in a bowl of water: if they float probably there are gas and bacteria inside them, and then it is better to throw them away. On the contrary, if they sink, they are probably still good.
  • 8 – Bread. You can safely consume it, even if it is stale. The important thing is that it has not developed any mold.
  • 9 – Rice. As well as pasta, it can last for months beyond the expiry date.
  • 10 – Fruits and vegetables. You just have to examine them: if there is no mold, an excessive drying or change of color, then they can be safely eaten.
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