Food Safety: Is It Safe To Cook Steak In An Air Fryer — Should You Even Attempt To Do So?

The air fryer has grown in popularity these days that's to its versatility and ability to get things crunchy without requiring a lot of oil. People have been trying all sorts of food with it but what about the steak? Can it work on steak? Keep reading to find out.

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Air frying works by blasting food with fast-moving hot air from all angles. This style of heat flow gets lots of foods super crispy with little amount of oil and people can't get enough.

Given the air fryer's rapid popularity, it seems like almost every food item in the kitchen has been tried in it, whether it belongs there or not.

A good example is steak.

Yes it is possible to cook the steak with the air fryer however doing that is not the best option if you want juicy steak. There are a number of factors to consider when deciding if you should use an air fryer to cook your steak.

Here are some merits and demerits to note before air frying your next steak.



1. It Encourages Hands-Off Cooking

This is a great merit of cooking a steak in an air fryer. Traditional stove-top searing requires you to be around to flip and to baste the steak, but with an air fryer, you can set-it-and-forget-it. It will only take ten minutes and the ease of not needing to stand over a stove is a very appealing factor.

2. More hygienic

Depending on the cut of meat, steaks can sometimes have a lot of fat, which causes a mess at high heat causeit splatters. The closed-off basket of an air fryer prevents this from happening, so after you finish, you only have to clean your air fryer.

3. It is easy

Cooking  a steak traditionally may be very challenging for home cooks but using the air fryer is relatively much more simpler and fool proof. This means no costly mistakes and a timely meal as compared to the host of things that could go on with a traditional process.



1.It is less flavorful

The air fryer does not allow for flavor building which means your air fried steak will contain less flavor than steak cooked traditionally. This is because techniques like blasting can be done and this is good for flavoring.

2. Limited by size

An Air fryer can only take so much before it is stuffed. While air frying steak you have to make sure the steak is small enough to fit well and not affect the flow of air in the fryer.

3.Limited by temperature

The highest temperature an air fryer can reach is 450 degrees F which is a relatively low temperature to cook steak at. This means with air fryers, the steak can dry out before it gets done.

So, does the steak cook well in a fryer?

It depends on you. If you can tolerate the air fried version of steak, you should try it. However if you want to have steak in all its flavorful glory, the traditional process may be a more suitable choice for you.

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