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Food that people eat for dinner around the world

Here is a list of food that people eat for dinner in some of the countries around the world.

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Read on to know about the dining habits of people across the world!

Dinner is one meal when practically all the families around the world sit together and chat their hearts out. Here is a list of food that people eat for dinner in some of the countries around the world.



 The commonly eaten food preparations here includes Pecking duck, Xiao long bao dumplings, Chow fun noodles cooked with meat or seafood, hot pot, or Hong Kong-style minced shrimp and egg noodles served in a broth. Most of the dishes served here have a generous drizzle of vinegar, soy sauce, or pepper oil.


Their meals are quite rich in carbs, where either rice or roti are served with dal, any vegetable, or meat curry. Most of their food choices are influenced by their culture and regions in which the people live.



Rice is a staple for them and this grain can be served with tofu, chicken, fish, blanched vegetables, crackers, krupuk, or soup, all depending on the region where the food is eaten.

The United States

Most of their dinner plates are dominated by meat such as steak, chicken, or beef patty, that is served with potatoes or some other type of vegetable.



Typically, yam, tapioca, or rice is eaten with pork or beef stew, or simply cheese, bread, and cold cuts of meat are eaten for dinner.


Seasoned and spiced rice is served with hearty curries, meat stew, kebabs, fish, or a thick soup.



Italians love to eat meat, fish, vegetables, pasta, pizza, rice, polenta, or bread for dinner with abundant love and passion for each dish that is served to them.


Mostly, rice is eaten with peas, or plantain, pork, chicken, dumplings, and bread are eaten for dinner.



Here, appetizers are followed by hot meat, fish, or potato dish with vegetables.


Stews, yams, spiced rice, cassava, plantains, and beans are eaten for dinner.

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