While Christmas brings in cheer and happiness for everyone, people celebrate it in many different ways by preparing various delicacies native to their culture and region. So, not everyone will be having the same spread for Christmas dinner like you. Read on to know what people in different part of the world prepare for Christmas dinner!

During the festival time, people of various culture prepare dishes that are closest to their traditions. Here, is a list of food preparations that echo a celebratory Christmas dinner spread for people from various regions around the world.

Sweden. The Swedish julbord (Christmas table) traditionally has Christmas ham as the centerpiece that has been boiled and glazed with eggs, mustard, and breadcrumbs. Also, served is Dopp i grytan (dipping in the kettle) for which you have to dunk bread in a fatty ham broth, boiled whitefish, sweet and flavored cabbage, and a selection of cured, pickled and smoked meats. All of this rich spread is washed down with tankards of Glogg or mulled wine.

Puerto Rico. For Christmas, Puerto Ricans feast on their national dish Lechon, a roast suckling pig along with coquito (a Puerto Rican egg nog made with coconut milk, condensed milk and generous quantity of rum) served in the coconut shells, or La Danza, which is champagne served with passion fruit juice, lime juice, strawberry juice, lemon juice, and orange liqueur.

Portugal. A stellar range of pastries and sweets served with codfish and boiled potatoes sit pretty on the dinner table for Christmas. Finhoses (balls or strands of spiced dough dusted with icing sugar), formigos (sweet and sticky blend of honey, nuts, and raisins), bolo rei (king cake dripping with cinnamon and chilacayote jam), and magi (fluffy treat with nuts and crystallized fruits) are some of the popular treats from this region.

Japan. With the western influence, most of the well-off Japanese families sit around at the KFC to enjoy some hearty fried chicken with champagne and of course, the cake.

Eastern Europe. The country of Lithuania, Ukraine, and Poland have quite an intricate spread during the twelve-dish Christmas Eve feast. In the Orthodox community, meat milk and eggs are kept off the table and a huge spread of vegan and grain based dish is laid out. Just don’t skip any dish from that table or as per the traditional saying, you will die by the next year.

Germany. The gingerbread house or the Pfefferkuchenhaus, Grunkohl (spiced kale stew), roast goose with red cabbage and dumplings, and ein Knacker (smoked sausage) are the choicest Christmas feast preparations.

Norway. Well, the Norwegian feast includes a full steamed head of sheep where ear and eye have to be eaten first, and the brain is spooned out and then fried or boiled. If that kind of kills your appetite, then you may settle for Pinnekjott (fried ribs of the lamb) and Multekrem (cloudberries whipped with cream and sugar).

Greenland. On Christmas, men serve women at Greenland. They treat on mattak (strips of whale blubber) and kiviak (baby auks buried underneath the ground in seal-skin for several months and then taken out once they start to rot) as their local delicacy.