Read on to know about the foods that are the increasing the risk of developing cancer!

When it comes to a dangerous disease like cancer, foods can be very clearly categorized as the right foods and the wrong foods. Time and again there are studies which are publishing the significance of diet to prevent and combat many deadly diseases, including cancer.

To sustain a healthy living and long life, it is extremely important that we consume an adequate amount of

whole grains

dairy products



And, limit the consumption of

processed foods

red meat

sugary drinks


Luckily, a large number of cancer cases are preventable and eating a wholesome, nutritious, and balanced meals can lower the risk for cancer. Though some people may find it difficult to alter their dietary habits, it will be highly beneficial for our health if we improve our diet by consuming an ideal amount of whole grains, dairy products, fruits, and vegetables.

Consuming a high quantity of processed foods and sugars increases the production of insulin, which is believed to stimulate the growth of cancer cells. Along with this, leading an inactive lifestyle, lack of exercise, and smoking can increase the risk of cancer by many folds.