• Provola type cheese 450 grams
  • Eggs 2 • 130 kcal
  • Milk 4 tablespoons • 49 kcal
  • Flour 4 tablespoons
  • Breadcrumbs as much as is needed
  • Peanut oil as much as is needed
  • Salt as much as is needed • 1 kcal
Calories refers to 100 gr of product

Fried cheese medallions are a greedy and absolutely irresistible appetizer. Simple and ultra-fast to prepare, the recipe says that the soft cheese must be cut into slices, passed in a double breading of flour, eggs and breadcrumbs – a way to obtain a homogeneous and impeccable cover – and finally fried in boiling oil. The result is a crunchy delicacy on the outside and soft and stringy at the heart; a very valid alternative to meat and fish, perfect for childrens and adults. If served in larger portions and accompanied by a side dish of vegetables or a salad, fried cheese medallions can be also a tasty and quick second course, ideal when you have little time to prepare and cook but do not want to give up something very satisfying. So let’s find out how to prepare fried cheese medallions by following all our tips step by step.

How to prepare fried cheese medallions

Cut the cheese into slices and cut into medallions about 1 cm thick (1).

Pass the cheese medallions in the flour, pressing well to make it adhere (2).

Break the eggs into a deep dish and beat them with the milk and a pinch of salt (3).

Pass the slices of cheese in the eggs, making sure they are well covered (4).

Drain the slices and then pass them in breadcrumbs, then repeat the operation a second time (5).

Once breaded, place the cheese medallions on a plate (6), cover them with a sheet of cling film and put them in the freezer for at least 40 minutes.

After this time has elapsed, remove the cheese medallions from the freezer and fry them in boiling seed oil (7). When the crust is golden brown and the cheese slightly soft, drain and let them dry on absorbent kitchen paper.

Transfer the cheese medallions to individual plates, salt them lightly and serve hot with  some salad (8).

How to store fried cheese medallions 

It is recommended to eat these fried cheese medallions hot and as soon as they are made. You can also freeze the cheese medallions raw, so you will always have them available when you want.