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Fried Onion Rings

Total time: 30 Min
Difficulty: Low
Serves: 4 people
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00 flour
100 gr
Sparkling water
1 glass
Peanut oil
1 spoon
2 spoons

The Fried Onion Rings are a typical fried dish of American and Anglo-Saxon cuisine that usually accompany a second dish. The onion rings are easy and quick to cook: first you prepare the batter, then you mix the onion rings with breadcrumbs to make them crispy, and finally you fry them.

How to Make the Onion Rings

Peel the onions and remove the two ends. Cut them into horizontal and thick slices of about 1cm (1) to obtain rings. Gently separate the onion rings (2) and immerse them in copious water with a spoon of vinegar for 10 minutes (3). This passage is used to remove the pungent taste of onions.

Prepare the batter by blending flour and egg in a bowl (4). The batter should not be liquid, but creamy (5), in order to stick well to the onion rings. If it is too liquid, add the sifted flour with the help of a colander to avoid lumps. Add salt and pepper. Heat up the peanut oil in a frying pan with high edges. When the peanut oil is hot, pass the dried onion rings in the batter and immerse them into the oil (6). Let them fry for a couple of minutes for side until they are completely yellow, then let the onion rings dry on kitchen paper, so that they lose the excess oil, and at the end salt them. Serve the onion rings quite hot, flavoring them with mayonnaise or ketchup.


Before dipping the onion rings into the peanut oil, let them dry for a few seconds to remove the excess batter.

Fry two or three onion rings at a time and serve them with a nice sprinkling of salt.

Choose the red onions of Tropea because they have a sweet taste and are more suitable for this kind of recipe.

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