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Gas Cooker Vs Electric Cooker: Which Is Better For Cooking?

The debate over which one is better between gas stoves and electric stoves has dragged on since they both became mainstream. However, what is the real answer to the question? Keep reading to find out.

By Cookist

When it comes to gas and electric cookers, it is difficult to point to one as being infinitely better than the other because it is usually subjective.

Most people seem to prefer the one they grew up using so it is difficult to say one is the right choice for everybody.

Which one a certain individual prefers can be dependent on various things including what food such a person cooks often or safety. Below are a few variables to consider when deciding which is more preferable between electric and gas cookers.


Gas stoves tend to be cheaper than electric stoves in the long run. Regardless of which you choose, getting a new stove is going to be a big financial undertaking and is inevitable.

It can be tough to compare whether gas or electric will be cheaper for a person upfront because they have different price ranges. Just know that gas is touted as the cheaper option over the long run compared to the huge utility bills you can expect due to the electric stove. Investing in a gas stove means you'll be saving 20-30% on your utility bills.



It is no secret that electric stoves are safer than their gas counterparts. Gas works with a flame that can be dangerous for a number of reasons. Children could get curious about the flames or your pet could come wandering in after the great smell emanating from the stove and both will get burned, resulting in chaos. There is also the matter of possible gas leakages or poor handling of the stove which can be very dangerous. When it comes to safety, the electric cooker wins, hands down.


The gas stove wins this round. It is faster than the electric cooker. This is why most restaurants use gas stoves — it shortens cook time considerably. Electric stoves are much slower because they take time to heat up.


4.Ease of cleaning

It is much easier to clean the electric stove than the gas cooker. Electric stoves are usually flat tops and can easily be wiped down. Gas stoves are much harder to clean as they come with heavy grates that can easily break.

5. Versatility

Gas ovens are higher-maintenance than electric stoves, but they can do some things that electric stove-tops can't. This includes flambeing, charring, and even toasting more effectively than electric stoves.

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