The Christmas season is fast approaching, and with it comes a surprising trend — building charcuterie chalets! The creative pieces are likened to the mature version of the traditional gingerbread houses. With attractive components and simply ingenious assembling, the chalets are indeed a magical sight perfect for the holiday season.

Charcuterie Chalets are not new innovations, having emerged for a short while every year since about 2016. However, the creations are only now enjoying popularity on social media thanks to a recent string of impressive designs.

The creations are built with the tastiest components like cheese, crackers, salami, tomatoes, cucumbers, and many more. These food items are each incorporated to make the building not only stable but very appealing to the eyes as well.

There is indeed no better way to enjoy Christmas than with such fantastic food aesthetics.

Many Instagram users have quickly picked up the challenge, and the result is a thrilling turnout of beautiful creations, each unique in their own little ways.

A user on the platform, @jisookangg, used mini breadsticks to give their charcuterie chalet a Lincoln log vibe. In contrast, another user, @sorrenteaux, turned the cheese into gingerbread cookie shapes and the cucumbers into Christmas trees.

Other users like @farmcurious and @syntaxchen added thoughtful details to their chalets; @farmcurious swirled the meat to give the lined walkway a natural texture while @syntaxchen used some sort of dip at the top of the roof, serving to hold the pieces together, give the building great color, and of course, serve as a tasty treat!

These beautiful creations are not only pleasing to the eyes; they provide an avenue to make Christmas out of the ordinary and just a bit more personalized experience.

What are you waiting for! Make your own charcuterie chalet — and don't forget to share!