Gordon Ramsay: 10 Facts Rarely Heard Of About the Star Chef

Gordon Ramsay is a celebrity chef known far and wide for his sometimes brutal, sometimes hilarious demeanor on many of his television shows. But, if you thought you knew all there was to this man, then you might be wrong. Did you know he has an affinity for boxing? Well, now, you do. Read on for more surprising facts about Ramsay; we say a few of them are pretty much expected, but we leave you to decide that for yourself.

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If you love cooking shows, you have probably heard of Gordon Ramsay, the man that can make you squirm by mere word of mouth. Hereon are a few facts about the chef, some of which indeed make him more admirable.

1. He earned himself a place as the head chef of Aubergine at 27


Ramsay may be labeled a prodigy in the restaurant industry. His career kicked off well over two years ago, and at 27, he was made the head chef of a famous fine-dining restaurant in London, Aubergine.

Only a few years after, the restaurant won two Michelin stars!

2. He loves boxing (not too surprising!)


Ramsay knows his place around the kitchen and believe it or not, he's good at karate too. In an old interview, Gordon shared that he loves boxing and has a black belt he proudly shows off from time to time.

Given that the chef seems to love to exert himself about the kitchen physically, this doesn't seem too surprising.

3. His favorite thing to order at any restaurant is beef Wellington


Gordon once proudly declared that no matter what restaurant he goes to or with what purpose he's there, his order is most likely going to be beef Wellington.

4. Bobby Flay has continuously refused to compete against him on Iron Chef.


Gordon says that, for over five years now, fellow celebrity chef Bobby Flay has refused his every invitation to compete. He said:

"I've been asking Bobby Flay for the last five years for that opportunity to go up head-to-head, and he still won't sign that damn contract."

5. He never watches his own shows on television!


Gordon says that he doesn't watch any of his own shows because he fears worrying excessively over his appearance and acts that he may not be able to control while filming.

He said:

"I don't want to get self-obsessed and start thinking about putting makeup on and watching the way I walk. "Oh, did I really say that?" It is what it is. I'd rather watch Deadliest Catch or go out for dinner."

6. He never eats frozen dinners.


When it comes to meals, Gordon loves it fresh and hot off the stove. There is nothing the award-winning chef hates more than frozen meals when there are many just as We don't find that too surprising and delicious recipes out there.

Well, for his apparent love and devotion to the food industry, we don't find that too surprising.

7. His restaurants have a total of seven Michelin stars.


Talking about Gordon and the food industry, the 53-year-old star's restaurant has earned an impressive total of seven Michelin stars!

8. He says he can last one full hour without swearing.


The British restaurateur once answered a fan's curious question of how long he thought he could last without uttering any swear words. His answer? Sixty minutes but it'd be "hard"!

9. He loves working.


Gordon has a tight work schedule, but he says he doesn't mind it too much. The star further admits to being a workaholic by sharing that he always "gets so excited with projects."

10. Ever wondered what his last meal would be?


It is sea bass with a "light sorrel sauce." He said:

"Sea bass is the king of fish, so my idea of the perfect last meal would be a beautiful fillet, pan-fried with a light sorrel sauce, or served roasted with artichokes and a chive crème fraîche."

Bonus: Gordon says if he wasn't a chef, he'd be a Navy SEAL because they are "disciplined!"

Haha! It is not too hard to picture him in uniform, but we love to have him in the food business!

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