Greek Sushi: the easy and fresh recipe you’ll love

Total time: 20 Min
Difficulty: Low
Serves: 8 people
By Cookist
Cherry tomatoes
125 gr
kalamata olives
100 gr
Feta cheese
100 gr
150 gr
dill for garnish
lemon wedges (optional)

We love sushi, but it takes forever to make. You also need expensive ingredients and a lot of patients. And not everyone is a fan of seafood. Luckily, there’s this recipe for Greek Sushi. It contains fresh ingredients and makes the perfect appetizer for those who love their veggies. It’s basically a typical Greek Salad transformed into a sushi roll! The sushi rolls have just the right amount of crunch thanks to the fresh cucumber, with a punch of flavor from the salty olives and feta. Serve these Greek Salad Sushi Rolls as an appetizer, or even as a side dish to lemon chicken.


Tips for the Best Greek Sushi

– If you don’t have a vegetable peeler, you can slice the cucumber with a sharp knife or a mandolin.

– Instead of hummus, make a tzatziki with Greek yogurt. Mix together ½ cup yogurt, 2 tsp lemon juice, 1 clove garlic (crushed), fresh dill, salt and pepper.

– You can also make an avocado spread. Simply process an avocado with plain Greek yogurt in a food processor until smooth. Just note that if you add avocado, it’s not suitable to make ahead of time, as it will start to brown.

– For extra flavor, see if you can find feta cheese made form sheep’s milk.

– If you like onion, you can add thinly sliced red onion to the sushi rolls. If you want to take away a bit of the bite from the onion, you can soak it in vinegar for about 20 minutes.

– Drizzle the sushi rolls with extra virgin olive oil just before serving.

– Instead of an appetizer, you can serve the Greek Salad Sushi Rolls as a side. Serve with lemon chicken, or any other grilled meat, grilled fish and stuffed peppers. You can even serve it with crusty bread!

– Remember to season the ingredients with salt, pepper, and oregano before rolling.

– Serve the sushi rolls with a “dipping sauce”. Simply pour Greek salad dressing in a small bowl and serve with the Greek Sushi Rolls.


How to store Greek Salad Sushi

The Greek Sushi Rolls can be made ahead of time, and stored in the refrigerator for up to 2 days. Store it either in an airtight container, or wrap with plastic wrap. Drizzle with extra virgin olive oil, and garnish with fresh dill, right before serving.


How to make Greek Sushi


Chop your olives and cherry tomatoes into dice about 5-7mm in size. Crumble your Feta Cheese into a small crumb.


Take your cucumber and using a vegetable peeler create long ribbons of cucumber.


Place two ribbons of cucumber on top of each other. Spread a thin layer of hummus on top of the cucumber. Add chopped olives.


Add the tomatoes and feta to the cucumber.


Roll up the cucumber to form a ‘cucumber roll’.


Garnish with a sprig of dill and a squeeze of optional lemon juice.


Make sure to use the freshest cucumber you can find for optimal freshness.

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