Ham and Cheese Quesadillas: the easy and flavorful quesadilla recipe

Total time: 20 Min
Difficulty: Low
Serves: 4 people
By Cookist
flour tortillas
large slices of cooked ham
sweet corn
8 tbsp
Mozzarella cheese
100 g
Cheddar Cheese
100 g
Lime juice
a few drops

Mexican food is widespread throughout the rest of the world, and we love to make its most famous dishes using the ingredients we have on hand. These Mexican ham and cheese quesadillas is an easy and quick recipe, perfect to serve for lunch or as a snack. The original quesadilla is made with cheese and different ingredients, so this recipe has been used to make a light and flavorful combination. If you feel like preparing a Mexican menu, nothing better than making this ham and cheese quesadillas. And if you dare, you can even add homemade guacamole dip inside the quesadilla itself, what a delight!

How to make Ham and Cheese Quesadillas

Making this ham and cheese quesadillas is easier than you may think. Start by cutting or grating the mozzarella and cheddar cheese into small strips. It's time to assemble the quesadillas. We start with the first quesadilla, remember to put in each of the 8 quesadillas one eighth of the ingredients we have prepared. Lay a slice of ham on half of the tortilla. Pour over the corn and squeeze some lime juice. Add a few drops of Tabasco if you like a spicy touch. Top with both cheeses, and fold it over itself so that it is covered. Repeat this 8 times.

In a skillet over medium-high heat, place the quesadilla to cook on one side, and when it is lightly toasted, carefully flip it over to cook on the other side. Repeat the same operation with the rest of the quesadillas.


– If you want to make them in advance, you can leave them fully assembled, and at the last moment fry them in the pan. Then they taste as freshly made.

– If you don't want soggy quesadillas, cook them until crunchy, otherwise the cheese will harden. In case they fail to become crispy, you can always toast them for a few minutes in the oven.

– The secret to crispy quesadillas is to put the filling on only one half of the tortilla. When cooking, however, wait until the quesadilla becomes crisp and golden, and the cheese melts.

– You can make ham and cheese quesadillas in air fryer. Place filled tortillas in the air fryer basket and cook on 350°F for less than 10 minutes or until quesadillas are crispy and golden. Flip them halfway.

How to serve Quesadillas

Cut the quesadillas in 2 parts, and serve them placing the triangles on top of each other. Serve them hot, when they still have a crunchy touch and the cheese is completely melted. Anyway, it is also a great snack to take to a picnic or similar as they can also be eaten cold.

Serve quesadillas with a hot sauce for extra spicy flavor.

Quesadilla Variations

– Quesadillas originally has cheese and optionally other ingredients, so you can take the opportunity to fill the quesadillas with your favorite. Shredded cheeses are the best, mozzarella and cheddar are a great choice, but also Mexican ones like Oaxaca and Chihuahua are perfect.

– You can use other meats instead of ham. Try the chicken quesadillas, beef one or pork, or even add an egg. Try also vegetarian quesadillas, they're delicious.

– A great way to serve them is to add guacamole. You can spread half of the quesadilla with it and then add the rest of the ingredients.

– Try the Southern variation and fill your quesadillas with cheese, black beans, onions, peppers and tomatoes.


Grate mozzarella and cheddar.

Assemble the quesadillas. Lay a slice of ham on half of the tortilla.

Pour the corn and squeeze lime juice. Add a few drops of Tabasco. Top with cheeses.

Fold the quesadillas. Place them in a skillet over medium-high heat.

Cook it until lightly toasted, then flip it on the other side. Serve and enjoy!

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