Read on to know how consuming black salt can benefit our health!

Black salt is mostly used in Indian cooking and it is found in the Himalayan region. Himalayan black salt or Kala namak has been claimed to offer therapeutic benefits. Interestingly, Himalayan black salt is pinkish-brown in color and there are 3 types of black salt:

Himalayan black salt

This salt is also known as Indian black salt or Kala namak and has a pungent, umami flavor that is used in Asian and Indian cooking.

Black ritual salt

It is also known as witch’s salt and contain ashes, charcoal, sea salt, and sometimes black dye. People believe that it has magical abilities and it protects against negative spirits. This also means it is unfit for consumption.

Black lava salt

This is also known as Hawaiian black salt as it comes from Hawaii. It is black in color and has a distinctive earthy flavor with a mild smoky taste.

Black salt is manufactured differently than the regular table salt as it contains a combination of sodium chloride, sodium bisulfate, sodium sulfate, and ferric sulfate. This salt is then mixed with charcoal and heated to get the final product. Due to this change in salt composition, black has a more in-depth flavor compared to regular salt. Here are the possible health benefits of choosing black salt over table salt.

Low in sodium

Due to its low sodium content, people with high blood pressure and those on a low-sodium diet can use this salt as an alternative.

Contains fewer additives

Traditionally, black salt requires minimal processing and harmful anti-caking agents are not added to it. Harmful additives like potassium iodate and sodium silicate are also missing in black salt.

Contains more minerals

Some studies claim that Himalayan black salt contains a higher mineral content than the regular table salt.

Improves digestion

Black salt is traditionally used to improve digestion, relieve bloating, prevent gas formation, and offer laxative effect.

Improves skin health

Owing to its mineral content, some studies claim that black salt may improve skin and hair health.