The cranberry is a panacea against infections of the urinary tract and other things. Let’s find out all the benefits of this miraculous fruit for our health.

American cranberry is a real panacea for infections of the urinary tract, especially in cases of cystitis, but it is also useful in case of diseases of the respiratory system, it helps the cardiovascular system and prevents cancer. Cranberry is a fruit with many healthy virtues, the Native Americans particularly appreciated the cranberry for its nutritional and healing virtues: it was used to treat infections of the urinary tract and as an antibacterial to disinfect the wounds. But let's find out more about this precious food.

Properties of the cranberry

In addition to preventing and treating infections of the lower urinary tract, the cranberry is also effective against capillaries fragility thanks to the presence of myrtillin which also fights vision fatigue, while the anthocyanins act on the peripheral circulation and on the retinal capillaries. In addition, the cranberry is also effective for the treatment of fungal infections (mycosis) and is able to mitigate the imperfections of the skin caused by couperose, imperfection that shows a reddening of the skin especially on the cheeks and nose. But let's discover the other healthy properties of the cranberry.

  • Cranberry is healthy for the circulatory system: the presence of flavonoids reduces the risk of problems in the circulatory system, protecting the health of the heart: it reduces therefore the possibility of suffering from atherosclerosis that can cause heart attack or stroke. Another benefit is about cholesterol: cranberry is able to increase good cholesterol (HDL) in the blood.
  • Cranberry promotes digestion: the fibers contained in cranberries promote digestion and help intestinal regularity. To take advantage of all its benefits, eat directly the cranberry or prepare a smoothie. For a natural digestive, prepare a juice with cranberry, apples and a bit of ginger to eat after meals.
  • Cranberry prevents cancer: the proanthocyanidins and flavonoids contained in cranberry help prevent the growth of cancer cells. In particular, it reduces the risk of getting breast cancer.
  • Cranberry strengthens the immune system: drinking cranberry juice helps to strengthen the immune system protecting the organism from flu and cold, thanks to the polyphenols that provide an effective protective action.
  • Cranberry is an antioxidant and it helps you lose weight: the cranberry is rich in C vitamin a powerful antioxidant that reduces the harmful effects of free radicals, as well as strengthening the immune system. The cranberry is also great to lose weight: drink its pure juice and without sugar at breakfast, a great way to start the day with an antioxidant and dietary drink.
  • Cranberry is a good fellow for oral health: cranberry juice acids keep tooth enamel healthy and proanthocyanidins also act on bacteria to help prevent tooth decay. Obviously the advice is to consume only juice without added sugars.
  • Cranberry is also useful during pregnancy: cranberry contains C and E vitamins which help to prevent the gestosis (or pre-eclampsia) during pregnancy that shows a rise in blood pressure and which can cause a premature birth or damage to the mother and child. Before taking the cranberry, as well as any other substance in pregnancy, consult your doctor first.

How to consume cranberries in the kitchen

As a food, cranberries can be used in the kitchen in different ways: for the preparation of jams, smoothies, jellies, muffins, biscuits, but fresh fruits can also be enjoyed with cereals in the morning or to prepare dishes with white meat (chicken, turkey or pork). Dried cranberries can be also a great snack to calm down hunger. We can also take in cranberries in the form of 100% pure juice or as food supplements or dry extract.