Scientists have discovered that having the bad habit of skipping breakfast and dining just before going to sleep can be dangerous for heart health and in detail they explain how these times of day increase the risk of heart problems: that's what we need to know and how we should eat.

Skipping breakfast and eating just before going to sleep can increase the risks to the heart, especially in people who have already had heart attacks. This is what has been said by the researchers that for the first time has evaluated the effects of these eating habits in unhealthy subjects and with acute coronary syndromes. Let's see in detail what the risks are.

The research. Experts analyzed 113 patients of average age 60 who suffered from heart attacks and heart problems, in particular those ones who had a myocardial infarction without ST segment elevation (STEMI), a condition that leads to one in 10 patients dying within a year and for which the nutritional aspect is important. Of the study participants, 58% used to skip breakfast, 51% were used to eating just before going to sleep and 41% both had this eating habits.

The results. The data collected led to the discovery that the subjects who skipped breakfast and went to sleep shortly after eating in the evening risked four to five times more to die, to have another heart attack or to suffer from angina, a coronary heart disease, already 30 days after leaving the hospital following the previous heart attack.


How should we eat? Experts therefore evidence the importance of regular and conscious nutrition to avoid damage to health. As for breakfast, it should be like a king, and so it should include dairy products, then skimmed milk or yogurt or cheese, carbohydrates, then whole wheat bread, bagels or cereals, and fruit. In general, breakfast should represent between 15% and 35% of total daily calories. As for the dinner before going to bed, the scientists explain that at least two hours should pass between the two activities.