Hearts-Shaped Pizzas: a Quick Idea for a Beautiful Appetizer!

Total time: 35 minutes
Difficulty: Low
Serves: 4 people
By Cookist

Heart-shaped pizzas are a quick and funny idea for a perfect appetizer! A romantic snack for Saint Valentine's Day, wether you're having lunch or dinner with your loved one. The recipe is easy, and it'll take you less than 35 minutes to prepare.

Come find out how you can prepare heart-shaped pizzas, following our recipe step by step.

sliced bread
9 slices
Cherry tomatoes
Grated cheese
150 grams
Tomato sauce
200 grams
hot dog sausages

How to prepare Heart-Shaped Pizzas

On a cutting board, cut one of your bread slices in half.

Helping yourself with your hands, join the two peaks towards the center, forming a heart.

Use a skewer or a toothpick to help the slice of bread remain heart-shaped.

Repeat the operation with all your slices of bread, then place them on a baking tray, on top of baking paper.

With a spoon, add a bit of tomato sauce on each heart-shaped slice of bread.

Then cover the tomato sauce with a bunch of grated cheese.

Cut the cherry tomatoes in half and place three slices on top of each heart-shaped slice.

Then, on top of the cherry tomatoes, place three cut pieces of hot dog sausage.

Once you're done, bake inside the oven for 15 minutes at 180°C (356°F).

Serve warm and enjoy!

How to store Heart-Shaped Pizzas

Heart-Shaped pizzas should be eaten while still hot, to best enjoy the stringy cheese and the hot tomato sauce. Alternatively, you can store them inside your fridge, in a sealed container, for 1 or 2 days.

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