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Heinz May Soon Come In a Paper Bottle

Famous ketchup brand, Heinz is exploring innovative product packaging to promote sustainability. According to reports, Heinz has been working with Pulplex, a company known for its paper whisky, to make a paper ketchup bottle. Keep reading to find out more details on the exciting news.

By Cookist

Photo credit: Heinz

Very recently, Heinz revealed that it had joined forces with Pulpex, a Diageo-funded sustainable packing company that was responsible for the creation of Johnnie Walker’s paper whisky bottle, to create a renewable and recyclable bottle made from completely sustainably-sourced wood pulp.

By doing this, they will officially be recognized as the first sauce brand to attempt to test the potential of Pulpex’s sustainable paper bottle packaging. The Heinz company has already shown how devoted it is to environmental safety.

Its goals include making all packaging recyclable, reusable, or compostable by 2025 and reaching zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050.

The CEO, Miguel Patricio, hopes that creating a paper ketchup bottle can aid them in getting there.

He said:

"Packaging waste is an industry-wide challenge that we must all do our part to address. That is why we are committed to taking steps to explore sustainable packaging solutions across our brands at Kraft Heinz, offering consumers more choices. This new Heinz bottle is one example of how we are applying creativity and innovation to explore new ways to provide consumers with the products they know and love while also thinking sustainably."


The talks are a step forward, but it will be some time before Heinz lovers will be able to tap on the side of the ketchup bottle. According to Heinz, a prototype is being built, and after it is created, they’ll test it for performance and then additional consumer testing.

After completing all those steps, the paper ketchup bottle will become available at stores. Heinz is after this goal, and it can’t wait to present the bottle to its consumers.

Rashida La Lande, an executive vice president with Kraft Heinz, said: "We hope to bring this bottle to market and to be the first sauce brand to provide consumers this choice in their purchasing decisions, as many consumers today are looking for more sustainable packaging options.”

Pulpex CEO Scott Winston has referred to their partnership with Heinz as a single possibility for their technology. He believes that paper packaging has a huge scope and is happy that a company like Heinz would consider embracing its technology.

According to him, it is good news for both the consumers and the planet.

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