You can eat the amla fruit raw, powdered, in a salad or as most people do, juiced. This makes it very easy to implement it into your daily diet, and by the time you finish learning about the fruit's numerous benefits, you'll want to!

Use the amla juice to:

1. Get A Healthy Liver

Your liver is a vital organ. Amidst its many functions is detoxification or removal of toxins from your system. Drinking the amla juice will strengthen the organ and help speed up the detoxification process.

2. Get a Glowing Skin

Incorporate the amla juice into your skincare routine for radiant skin. Simply pour the juice onto a cotton swab and apply it on your face. The vitamin C contained in the liquid will gradually rid your skin of blemishes and close your skin pores.

3. Get Your Daily Nutritional Dosage

As mentioned above, the amla is a rich source of Vitamin C, iron, calcium, and phosphorous, which are very beneficial to your all-round wellbeing.

4. Treat Cough, Flu and Mouth Sores

Experts commonly recommend the amla juice as a natural remedy to treat cough and flu and mouth ulcers.

To use the amla for cold and cough:

  • Pour two teaspoons of its juice in a cup
  • Stir in two teaspoons of honey
  • Take the mixture every day to battle infections of the respiratory tract.

To heal mouth ulcers, pour the amla juice inside water and gargle with it twice every day.

5. Clear Your Digestive Gut

The amla juice is strongly alkaline, which makes it a potent remedy for digestion problems. Drink the juice to clear your digestive system and fortify it against any such future problems, health professionals say.

6. Lower Your Cholesterol Levels

You can drink amla juice every day to burn fat. The extract also contains amino acids and antioxidants, which prevent oxidative damage, protect your heart, and aid its normal functions.

Amla juice is also commonly recommended to people with diabetes and people with respiratory ailments like asthma.

7. Regrow Your Hair

Drinking the amla juice regularly will provide your body with lots of proteins, which is known to be vital to hair growth. Thus, the liquid is recommended for battling hair loss, breakage, and other notable hair problems.

For optimum benefits, experts recommend that you take the amla juice each morning. Dilute about 20-30ml of the fluid in a full glass of water and drink.

You may choose to add any other fruit juice, lemon, or honey to make it tastier; it does nothing to reduce its health benefits!