Who has not ever exaggerated with condiments and finished eating a too salty dish? Even the best cooks will have experienced something similar at least once in their life but, fortunately for them, you can do some precise things to reduce the "damage" and make that dish again tasty and eatable. Here are the most effective remedies to save an excessively salty dish.

To reduce saltiness use a potato – One of the "grandma’s home remedies" to reduce saltiness in a dish is to add a potato. It is a method that always works with soups and casserole recipes, capable of dampening the saltiness. Simply wash, peel and cut a potato into 5mm slices, leave them on food until they become transparent and then remove them when the excess salt has been absorbed. 2 . To reduce saltiness add sugar – It will seem absurd, but a good alternative to potatoes is sugar. You have to put a lump of sugar on a teaspoon and let it soak in the pot for a few seconds, being careful not to exaggerate. In this case, the sugar could in fact mix with the sauce. To reduce saltiness use bread crusts – Also bread crusts are perfect for absorbing excess salt in a dish. How should we use them? They must be simply immersed in the pot, the important thing is that they are crusts of stale bread. To reduce saltiness use water – The most used home remedy to dampen a strong saltiness in a dish is to add water during steaming, a method especially useful when preparing meat and vegetables. Even if the dishes will be less tender or crunchy, their flavor will be absolutely tasty. 5. To reduce saltiness add cream or fruit – There are some foods that become quite delicious when enriched with a sweet and sour taste. In the event that you used too much salt to season them, you could add some cream or fruit, so as to make everything more "exotic".