Here Are The Reasons Your Stomach Growls — Includes Stress!

It is not uncommon for the human body to make several types of noises. One of them is the growling sound made by the stomach. Depending on how loud it is, the stomach growl can be rather embarrassing. Keep reading to find out the various reasons it happens.

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There are a variety of reasons you hear noises coming from your stomach. In fact, there are not just growling sounds there are gurgles as well. Below are the common sounds and the reasons behind them.


The Post-Meal Gurgle


If you hear noises from your stomach following a meal, it's most likely coming from peristalsis, or smooth muscles contracting to push your food down the small bowel then straight into the colon. The expert term for it is borborygmus.

The human stomach can be likened to a washing machine where instead of clothes, food and liquid is being tumbled together along with oxygen we take in as we eat.

According to an expert, "Food, liquid, and air pass through the digestive tract and gurgling is a combination of those factors.”

Apart from that, stress is the only thing that can make your stomach gurgle regardless of whether you've eaten or not.

The Growl Brought on by Hunger


When you walk into a room filled with the delicious smell of food you like, it is quite possible for your stomach to growl.

This happens because the brain relays a message to the stomach telling it to release an appetite-stimulating hormone known as ghrelin.

This hormone is responsible for telling your intestines and stomach to contract. The contraction causes the movement of those organs and it causes the rumbling you hear. It is basically audible hunger.

Other reasons your stomach may growl include when it is trying to digest certain foods like peas, lentils, cabbage, broccoli, and cauliflower. Foods with artificial sweeteners, like diet soda and sugarless gum, also fall under this category.


Stomach noises are not a bad omen or sign. Most times they are just signs your systems are working properly so there is nothing to fear. However you may call your doctor if the sounds come with pain, bloating, or changes in bowel movements, like loose stools or no bowel movements for days.

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