Here Is The Genius Way To Store Your Peanut Butter, So It Lasts For Longer!

Peanut butter is one of the most genius creations ever. The delicious spread can be eaten in several ways: straight out of the jar, in sandwiches or incorporated into elaborate dishes! However, poor storage methods can shorten the lifespan of peanut butter and make eating it an unpleasant affair, so read on for the best method to keep yours delicious and for very long.

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The most common way of storing peanut butter is in a tightly sealed jar placed in a refrigerator. This admittedly keeps the spread for long without any sight of mouldy growths on it.

However, peanut butter experts say that if you want your peanut butter to last for very long and remain delicious and very inviting, you should make sure that it is placed upside down!

This unique trick ensures that you can have easy access to the spread without having to hack away at the bottom of the jar in frustration. Also, by storing it this way, the oil that typically collects at the top of the jar during storage will be nowhere to be found!


Now, there is no way that your peanut butter will go to waste because it has been contaminated by the strange oily slime that is – truth be told – not particularly a welcoming sight!

The oil is thought to be a byproduct of the products used to make the peanut butter; after all, it is called butter!

This is why it is best advised that this spread be stored in the fridge to prevent disintegration and subsequently, the oily components from surfacing due to increased heat and humidity.

If your peanut butter already has oil over the top, worry not! It is not particularly a sign of decaying so you can mix it up to get the perfect and oil-free texture.

Overall, the best way to store your peanut butter from now on is sealed in a jar and placed upside down in a fridge.

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