Bread is one of the most consumed foods in the world but also among the simplest to achieve due to the "poverty" of its ingredients. Despite this, more and more bread bars and bakeries are offering elaborate and gourmet versions of it, demonstrating that even bread can become an avant-garde culinary product.

What are the ingredients contained in purple bread?

It's called Well-Bread and it's the purple bread patented by a group of Italian women who gave birth to a real start-up. These are Anna Valentina Luparelli and Isabella Taglieri from the Faculty of Agricultural Biochemistry who, coordinated by Professor Angela Zinnai, had the idea of ​​revolutionizing traditional bread, proposing it in an innovative and above all super beneficial version. "Well-Bred represents a product able to synthesize a series of positive aspects for a food, such as the high nutraceutical value, the improved technological and sensorial characteristics, as well as the greater environmental sustainability", declared the two graduating students.

The Well-Bred is in fact made with three super-ingredients: sourdough starter, rich in mineral salts and probiotic compounds, freeze-dried purple potatoes, which give the unmistakable color and add their own antioxidants, and pectins, or the substances contained in the skin of fruit. The latter substances absorb water and make the bread softer and more durable, so that it does not have to be thrown away the day after the purchase. The target? Start selling it in bakeries around the world, perhaps revisiting even traditional snacks, and above all turning bread into a gourmet product.