Here’s Everything You Need To Know About Royal Jelly

Royal jelly is a substance not many people know about however it has many health benefits and nutritional value. In this article, we examine what it is and how it benefits humans.

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Royal jelly, as the name implies, is jelly created for royalty — the bee kind. It is a gelatinous substance manufactured by honey bees to feed the queen bees and their offspring.

It can be found in stores as a dietary supplement to treat different types of physical ailments and chronic diseases. Below are ten important benefits of the jelly.

1. It is highly nutritional


Royal jelly contains a variety of important nutrients including water, carbs, protein, fat, B vitamins and trace minerals. It contains a unique distribution of proteins and fatty acids which may be the reason for its potential health benefits.

2. It has anti-inflammatory effects

Royal jelly may be able to produce antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects as found in many test tube studies and research carried out on animals. Immune cells treated with Royal jelly showed lower levels of pro-inflammatory chemicals released by immune cells treated with Royal jelly.

3. It promotes heart health


Royal jelly may be able to reduce heart disease risk by impacting cholesterol levels in a positive way. This has been observed in some animal and human research however more in-depth research is required.

4. It may be able to aid wound healing and skin repair

Used both orally or topically, Royal jelly can support the healing of wounds and the soothing of other inflammatory skin conditions. This is because it produces some antibacterial that keeps a wound clean and free from infections.

5. It can help to regulate blood pressure


Royal jelly may be able to protect your heart and maintain your circulatory system by reducing blood pressure. According to some test tube studies, it contains some proteins that are able to relax smooth muscle cells in the vein and artery thereby lowering blood pressure.

6. It can help control blood sugar

Several animal studies have shown that Royal jelly can increase insulin sensitivity and improve control of blood sugar by reducing oxidative stress and inflammation. However more human-based research is required.

7. It contains antioxidants


Royal jelly has antioxidant properties that may support healthy brain function. Some animal studies have shown the benefit of Royal jelly on stress levels and brain function. In mice, it lowered stress levels and improved memory function. It is assumed these effects are all because of the jelly's antioxidant abilities.

8. It can provide some relief for chronic dry eyes

Royal jelly has shown usefulness in the treatment of chronic dry eyes in animal and some human studies. The results from the research seem to point to how Royal jelly is able to increase tear secretion in the eyes without any adverse side effects. Of course, this requires more research on humans to make sure it has no risk.

9. It may have some anti-ageing effects


According to some animal studies, it prolonged lifespan and even improved cognitive functions. It is suspected that it increases collagen production and also protects the skin from damage caused by UV rays. This also requires more research.

10. It can boost immunity

Several animal and test tube research have revealed the possibility of Royal jelly being able to boost immune systems. This is because it contains MRJPs and fatty acids are known to reduce the rate of infection and support immune function. However more human research is required.

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