Here’s Just How Much Calories You Get From Eating Ice Cream

Ice cream is a guilty pleasure; although it is not fit for healthy eating, there's no denying the immense satisfaction it gives. If you love ice cream, but trying to start healthy eating, consider checking out the calories you get from eating your favorite brands. This way, you won't have to strike it off your list. All you'll have to do is make it the occasional sweet treat.

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Ice cream is very decadent and this is perhaps due to its calorie-rich ingredients which typically consists of milk, cream, sugar, eggs and flavoring. Although ice cream can be enjoyed on its own, it has fast become trendy to mix in or garnish it with tasty options like nuts and candy.

Furthermore, ice cream can also be incorporated into other sweet treats like cookies and cakes. Such combinations are undoubtedly more calorie dense, making it a better option to stick to plain bowls of ice cream. You may also want to go for low-calorie products which are typically made with low-fat milk or, in the case of soft serve, have more air integrated during the mixing process. Ice cream made from alternative vegan milk, such as soy milk and coconut milk, can be found, but these will still contain just as much sugar and therefore also have low nutritional value.

Here is a compilation of some common ice cream products and brands alongside their calorie measure.

1. Butter Pecan Ice Cream


In the United States, butter pecan is a prominent flavor, found in pastries and ice cream. Butter pecan ice cream is simply smooth vanilla ice cream with a slight buttery flavor, and pecans added.

On the calorie chart, 1 scoop (113g) of butter Pecan ice cream provides 280 calories.

2. Hot Fudge Sundae


Hot fudge sundaes become popular in demand during summer whenajoritu digs into them to cool off the heat. Even better, they're easy to grab and go! But this treat is rather calorie dense, and may not be a suitable option for people trying to lose weight.

1 hot fudge sundae (179 g) provides 333 calories, so you definitely want to make it the tip-top occasional treat if you decide to take it at all.

3. Baskin-Robbins


Baskin-Robbins is an international ice cream company, famous for its "31 flavors" slogan, which discusses the idea that fans could enjoy a different flavor every day of each month!

But before enjoying your next bowl of Baskin-Robbins ice cream, remember that

1 scoop of Baskin Robbins ice cream (71 g) provides you with about 170 cal. Although this makes it less calorie-dense than previous mentions, it should still only be taken in moderation.

4. Ice Cream Sandwich


This list would be amiss without mentioning ice cream sandwich. An ice cream sandwich is a frozen dessert consisting of ice cream between two biscuits, skins, or cookies. This indulgent treat should also only be taken in moderation as 1 bar (112 g) contains 265 cal.

5. Ben and Jerry’s


Ben and Jerry's is another famous ice cream brand enjoyed worldwide. Ben & Jerry's ice cream has low overrun which means less air content, leaving more room for butterfat. This results in the rich and dense texture that the product is known for.

1 scoop (92 g) of Ben and Jerry's provides 210 cal. 

7. Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream


Mint chocolate chip ice cream is perfect for summery weather when you need that delicious and extra cooling property from the mint. However, be careful not to take too many scoops!

1 scoop of mint chocolate chip ice cream (72 g) contains about 172 calories.

8. Vanilla Ice Cream


If you love vanilla ice cream then chances are you also enjoy it on a vanilla cone! Albeit enjoyable, this combination is particularly calorie laden and shouldn't be consumed often.

1 vanilla cone (142 g) contains 230 cal while, 1 scoop of vanilla ice cream (72 g) contains 145 cal.

9. Strawberry Ice Cream


There's no gainsaying that strawberry ice cream is a prominent favorite around the world. There is very little else that can truly beat the decadent combination of ice-cream and strawberries. But, before taking that next scoop, keep in mind that 1 scoop of this ice cream (72 g) typically contains 170 cal while a strawberry Sundae (178 g) contains 281 cal.

10. Cold Stone Creamery


Last but not least is cold stone creamery, another world-famous ice cream company known for their unique takes on ice cream. It'd be hard to resist a bowl of your favorite specials from this company but don't forget it is laden with calories.

1 scoop of cold stone creamery ice cream (142g) typically contains 329 calories!


Before enjoying that bowl of ice-cream, make sure to refer to a calorie counter so that you can stay within your limits for the day. However, don't forget to enjoy the meal — such little indulgence are the things that indeed make life worth living after all!

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