Fruit has incredible healthy characteristics, but it is not always good to eat it in very high quantities. Here is how many calories each fruit contains.

Fruit is one of the most beneficial healthy foods. It is rich in vitamins and provides the body with all the elements it needs. Despite this, even the fruits that seem more dietary can affect your figure. Before taking a certain food in large quantities, you should inform yourself about the calories it contains. Here are all fruit calories.


Bananas are among the tastiest and caloric fruits. They contain 85 calories but at the same time they are rich in potassium. The best is to consume them in the morning.


Apricots are extremely dietary, they contain only 30 calories and are ideal for those who do not want to give in to sins of gluttony. They are also excellent for the skin, they prepare it perfectly for tanning.


Strawberries are mainly made of water and they contain only 32 calories. They also have a lot of healthy characteristics.


The kiwi contains 40 calories and it is ideal for regulating intestinal activity. It also helps to make the skin brighter, as it is rich in antioxidants.


Blueberries contain 45 calories, they promote microcirculation and strengthen capillaries. They are also the best natural product to be consumed in cases of urinary tract infections, especially red ones.


The mango is rich in beta carotene, allows you to maintain a uniform tan and contains only 53 calories. It is perfect to be consumed on the beach.


Grapefruit is one of the least caloric fruits, containing only 35 calories. It also promotes proper digestion and cleanses the liver.


Avocado is rich in calories, it contains 231 calories but at the same time it also contains monounsaturated fats that are beneficial to health. It is precisely for this reason that it can replace the main meal.


Pineapple has always been considered the ideal fruit for those who start a diet. It contains 40 calories and above all it helps to burn fat.


Papaya contains only 39 calories and it is ideal for those who want to keep themselves in a good shape. Papaya protects from cellular aging and manages to keep the skin young and radiant.


A plum contains 51 calories and, if consumed fairly regularly, it manages to fight osteoporosis. As if this was not enough, it is one of the natural remedies against constipation.