Here’s Why You Should Always Have Some Potato Water On Hand!

Potato water. Is that even a thing? Yes, it is! In fact, it can be labeled an incredible discovery because of the many ways it can be used around a home. From thickening soups and stews to its use in the garden, there is seemingly no end to the creative ways you can apply potato water. Read on for the proper way to save and use potato water and most importantly, why you should.

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Just as its name hints at, potato water is simply water left over from boiling potatoes. This water is starchy and has a consistency like milk or water mixed with flour.

Like pasta water, you don't want to drain this out because they can be applied in different recipes, are nutritious and even better, can be used outside of the kitchen.

Below, is a compilation of the many benefits of potato water:

1. It can be used as a thickening agent for broths and sauces.


As potato cools down, it becomes thicker, which makes it a healthy option for when you're seeking to thicken soups and sauces. If applied this way, the soup or sauce will have a creamy and rich consistency.

You can also use potato water to make a basic gravy without having to add any thickeners. Pour the hot potato water into a pan, add a broth base from whatever meat you're cooking, and add your favorite seasonings. The gravy will have a creamy consistency and be just as delicious as any other!

2. It comes with many health benefits.


Potatoes are packed with numerous minerals and vitamins. So is potato water. By adding it to any dish, you are giving your meal an extra dose of nutrients like vitamins B and C, potassium and fiber, and phytonutrients like carotenoids and flavonoids which are beneficial to your health and well-being.

Overall, potatoes are known to boost brain function, lower blood pressure, reduce inflammation and aid digestion.

3. Potato water can improve the texture of baked goods.


If you add potato water to bread dough, you'll get a nice texture and some added flavor. If you are especially seeking a thickening agent that is gluten-free and inexpensive, potato water is your go-to.

4. It can be used to nourish plants


Believe it or not, potato water is a simple way to fertilize your plants. To use, let the potato water cool down and then pour it on the soil.

DO NOT: pour salted potato water on your plants!

Tips on how to Store Potato Water 

If you want to save your potato waste for a long time, freeze it. For short-term storage, pour the potato water into a glass jar and place it in the fridge. It can last for up to a week.

If you are hearing about potato water for the first time, are you convinced you to try using it? If you already knew about potato water, are there ways you apply it that are not listed above?

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