Here’s Why Your Oven Is Not Getting up to Temperature

When your oven won’t reach the proper baking temperature, it can leave you feeling exasperated and perplexed as you try to figure out what's wrong. This could be due to a variety of common oven problems but fear not, we explore them in this article and also provide useful solutions.

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When you find that your oven is not getting up to temperature, it is best to focus on finding where the problem lies.

Keep reading to understand some common oven issues such as a dirty ignitor, a malfunctioning temperature sensor or a miscalibration of the appliance, and learn how to determine possible solutions.

Possible reasons why your oven may not be getting heated: 

Some of the things that cause an oven not to get heated up to temperature are simple problems that  can be fixed on your own, while others require more in-depth knowledge and the skilled hands of a professional.

Sometimes you may need to replace parts; you can  check electrical connections or alter gas lines to schedule an appointment with a licensed technician.


What to do when your oven doesn't start

If your oven does not start, the ignitor could be having issues or it could be the gas connection or the electrical supply. To pinpoint the exact cause, you can check some things like the ignitor to see if it is dirty or faulty. If dirty, clean it gently to get rid of the build up but if there's no dirt, it is most likely faulty and will require the attention of a technician.

You can also inspect the electrical connection of your oven. Make sure the fuse has not been blown by inspecting the circuit breaker. If that is not the problem, the next place to check is the gas connection.

Verify that the gas valve is on. If it is but the oven still won’t heat up, the oven may require professional inspection.

Is your gas oven overheating?  


This could be because of the temperature sensor, temperature settings or the calibration. The first thing you should check is the sensor, to make sure it is in its proper position. If it is not, move it into place.

Afterward, check if the oven is measuring temperature in the proper metric. If the problem persists, you may need to recalibrate your oven. Get a licensed technician to give your oven a proper inspection and also determine the solution.

Is your oven not cooking things evenly? 

If one half of your baking tray gets brown faster than the other, the oven is not getting heated evenly. This may be because the baking trays were overstuffed or there has been some miscalibration.

Ovens need space for heat to circulate. It is advisable that you leave about 2 inches of space around the baking pans and the oven walls. If things don't get better after doing that, inspect your baking dishes.

Pans should be reflective, however over time they can accumulate food residue that makes them  dirty or discolored. To solve this, give the pans a deep clean or think about replacing them. If after doing either, you’re still seeing uneven results, reach out to a repair technician.

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