Sadly, there isn’t yet a miracle cure for the common cold, but there are natural remedies that can help relieve your (or your child’s) symptoms.

Benefits of Honey

Honey has many purported health benefits, and there are numerous studies on how honey helps with cold symptoms. One study on 105 children with colds showed that the children who were given honey (instead of honey-flavored cough medicine or no treatment at all) scored best in the parent’s rating of the children’s cough symptoms.

Researchers believe that honey works by coating and soothing the throat, as well as the antioxidants and antibacterial effects honey has. Dark colored honey is particularly high in antioxidants, and buckwheat honey was used in the study.


Don’t give honey to children under 12 months old, as there is a risk that the honey can carry spores that can compromise their immune system.

The 5 Stages of a Cold – and How to Help Your Kids Through Them

1. Onset

Around 1-3 days after your child was exposed to the cold is when they will begin to show mild symptoms like runny nose, tiredness, and sore throat. Make sure they get plenty of rest and stay hydrated.

2. Progression

The cold is taking hold now, and your child may have a cough and congestion. Now is the time for natural cold remedies, honey and lemon drinks, chicken soup, tissues, and vapor rub.

Feed your child foods rich in zinc, like eggs, garbanzo beans, pumpkin seeds, and whole grains.

3. Peak

Your child may have a low fever, aching body, heavy congestion and perhaps a cough. Make sure they are hydrated by giving them extra water, broth, and juice. Relieve sinus pressure and congestion by using humidifiers, and possibly saline nasal spray or rinse.

4. Remission

When the worst symptoms start to lesson, you’ll know the worst is over. Sanitize surfaces, wash bedding, clothes, hand towels and wipe down personal items like toothbrushes etc.

5. Recovery

Your child is rapidly getting back to normal, so now is a good time to get them eating some immune boosting foods, and getting back into a regular sleep and eating pattern.

Honey and Lemon Drink

2 teaspoons lemon juice

Mug of heated water

Honey to taste

Add the honey and lemon juice to the heated water, mixing until the honey is dissolved. Test to make sure the drink isn’t too hot before giving it to your child.