Garlic milk: the natural effective remedy against sciatica

Garlic milk is an ancient natural remedy, very useful against the symptoms caused by the inflammation of the sciatic nerve, thanks to the anti-inflammatory properties of garlic which works as a natural painkiller. But let's discover more about this "magic" remedy and how to prepare it.

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Sciatica is the name by which inflammation of the sciatic nerve is commonly known. It is a pain that can be very intense and can last for hours or days, forbidding daily activities to those who suffer from it. The pain occurs in the lower back and extends to one or both legs and in some cases can also reach the foot. Sciatica occurs when the sciatic nerve is compressed and becomes inflamed due to herniated disc, trauma, injury, and even up to tumors. Usually sciatica is treated with rest, or the use of anti-inflammatory medicines, cortisone and with physiotherapy or aerobic exercises and stretching, according to the judgment of the doctor. However, there are some effective natural remedies to counteract the symptoms of sciatica, among the oldest ones there is garlic milk, that is considered almost "miraculous”: a simple recipe, to prepare at home, able to relieve inflammation and pain thanks to the painkilling action of garlic, which has anti-inflammatory and natural antibiotic properties.

Garlic milk: the benefits to relieve the symptoms of sciatica

Garlic milk is therefore able to alleviate the main symptoms of sciatica, such as: tingling, pain in the hip or leg area and feeling of numbness. Pain usually escalates when sitting or standing, during the night, when you sneeze or cough, when you walk a lot or lean forward, and can get worse over the hours and days. Especially at the onset of the first symptoms, it may be useful to take garlic milk, a natural remedy used in the case of colds, against parasites, and that can give relief in case of pain to the sciatic nerve, thanks to the anti-inflammatory and antioxidant action of garlic: thanks to the sulfur compounds and important nutrients such as vitamin A, C and B1, mineral salts such as iron, silicon and iodine, proteins, flavonoids, enzymes. Garlic also works as a natural antibiotic, another characteristic that helps to reduce the pain of the sciatic nerve. Garlic milk is a natural beverage also known by traditional medicine, as a preventive and curative method, to be combined with medical care: it helps to warm the human body and promotes the circulation of blood, working as a natural painkiller.

How to prepare garlic milk and the behaviors to be adopted to relieve sciatic nerve pain


Preparing this infallible remedy against sciatica at home is very simple: you just need 4 cloves of garlic and 200ml of milk, which corresponds to a full glass. Chop the garlic cloves, as the whole garlic would not release its healthy properties, heat the milk over medium heat and add the minced garlic. Cook for a few minutes without getting to the boil. When ready, pour it into a cup or a glass and add a bit of honey to sweeten it, even if honey will not completely cover the strong taste of garlic. If you prefer to drink it cold, put the minced garlic in the milk and let it rest for at least 2 hours before consuming it. Certainly it is not a pleasant beverage to the taste, but it is quite healthy for alleviating the pain caused by the inflammation of the sciatic nerve. Vegan people or lactose intolerant people can replace cow's milk with a rice, soy or almond beverage. For best results, drink one glass of garlic milk per day for at least 15 days, or until the pain has disappeared. If you can not drink the garlic milk all at once you can divide the drink into two or three portions to be taken during the day. The intake of garlic together with milk also helps to neutralize the substances contained in garlic, guilty of causing bad breath, such as diallyl disulfide, in addition to reducing its taste and smell.

In order for the remedy to be effective, you need to associate some good behaviors with garlic's milk intake, to be taken daily: avoid excessive efforts both at home and at work, rest in acute phases but regularly practice low intensity aerobic activities, stretching, pilates , yoga, but also an easy walk, to prevent the pain from recurring. It is therefore important to associate this natural remedy with appropriate behaviors regarding your lifestyle. If sciatic nerve pain persists, then contact your doctor, who will show you the right therapy. Remember to consult your doctor anyway before starting to drink milk and garlic, especially if you are taking anticoagulants or if you are suffering from hemorrhages.

Other healthy properties of garlic milk

Garlic milk is a useful remedy even in case of problems with the gastrointestinal tract, excellent especially against digestive problems or constipation, as well as being very effective in case of intestinal parasites: in this case let the minced garlic rest in the glass of milk for at least 3 hours and drink it on an empty stomach for once a day for about ten days. In case of asthma, breathing difficulties and dry cough, the advice is to drink the hot garlic milk before going to bed: it will calm the cough, favoring the rest. This precious garlic beverage is also useful for strengthening the immune system, thanks to its antibiotic properties, as well as preventing infections caused by fungi, viruses and bacteria. Garlic milk seems also to help to activate the metabolism, so it is recommended as a drink to be taken in association with a weight loss diet, prepared by a professional nutritionist, and a regular physical activity.

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