For the skin, and not only, honey is one of the most renowned beauty allies for its healthy characteristics, and for this it has always been one of the most used natural ingredients to create beauty remedies. Rich in mineral salts and vitamins, the beneficial properties of honey are many, it deeply nourishes the skin as well as it protects it against external agents. Honey is also often used as a natural remedy to counteract the signs of aging and acne. There are different types of honey with different nutritional properties: this natural ingredient can be used on the skin either through natural recipes or using cosmetic products created to meet the needs of each person.

The benefits of honey for the skin

Honey is a real healthy ingredient for the skincare and performs various functions depending on the type of skin. Often known for its nourishing and moisturizing properties, honey can also be used to meet other needs.

Honey for oily skin: depending on what you might think, namely that honey can not be used on oily and impure skin because of its highly nourishing properties, this ingredient is a great ally to fight pimples and to create purifying masks, thanks to its antibacterial properties. The ideal is to choose a type of raw honey to create natural soaps and masks: for example to counteract pimples you can create a face mask by mixing honey and thyme, while for a mask with purifying properties you can mix honey and propolis.

Honey for dry skin: when the skin is dry and dehydrated, you can resort to natural remedies to make it soft and supple again. Honey is one of the most popular ingredients used for this purpose thanks to its emollient and moisturizing properties. To create a do-it-yourself remedy able to make your skin soft and fragrant you just have to melt honey and then add and mix a fragrance oil, such as sweet almond oil. After combining the two ingredients, all you need to do is massage them on the face, leaving the mixture in place for 10 minutes and then rinse. For an even more nutritious action, you can add a tablespoon of white yogurt to the mixture.

Honey for sensitive skin: even the most sensitive skin can benefit from the properties of honey. Choose preferably high quality organic products and create your own mask using only delicate ingredients: for example you can combine honey and a few drops of lemon to obtain a luminous and soft skin.
Honey for mature skin: honey is an excellent ally even for mature skin. In fact, thanks to its antioxidant properties milk is able to counteract the signs of aging, making the skin more supple. To create a honey-based anti-aging mask at home, you can combine olive oil, white yogurt and lemon juice: once the ingredients have been mixed, place them on your face for at least 15 minutes, then rinse with fresh water.

The benefits of honey for hair

Honey has excellent beneficial properties not only for the skin, but also for the hair. Indispensable to nourish weak and exhausted hair, you can use honey to create a compress that will make your hair new: combine honey with olive oil and massage the mixture on the hair, taking care to rinse carefully after. Honey is an excellent natural ingredient also to make hair shiny: just create an emulsion composed of honey, hot water and a few drops of lemon, dab it on damp hair, then use a comb to distribute it homogeneously. After a few minutes rinse everything with cold water. To have soft hair you can prepare a natural mask based on honey and milk, which you will massage on the hair and wrap in transparent film for at least 30 minutes before rinsing your hair with fresh water and half a cup of apple vinegar.

The benefits of honey for the body

Also the skin of the body can take advantage of the benefits of honey: in fact, this ingredient can be used to create a body scrub at home that will make your skin soft and velvety. Just combine a cup of honey with five tablespoons of brown sugar to obtain a gentle exfoliating effect to massage the body before taking a shower. If you have cracked lips, you can instead prepare a nourishing compress with honey that will nourish the lips, and that will also stimulate the repair of any small cuts due to its natural antibiotic action. For a relaxing foot bath instead, you can melt two tablespoons of honey in warm water: honey will help not only to give you a feeling of relaxation after a tiring day, but will also make the skin of your feet soft and velvety.

Honey-based cosmetics to try

Since honey provides innumerable beneficial properties for the skin, body and hair, there are more and more cosmetic houses that choose honey as an ingredient in beauty products. The Body Shop, for example, has created the Almond Milk & Honey line combining the healthy characteristics of honey with those of almond milk: try the Protective Hand Cream that moisturizes and protects dry and sensitive hands. Nuxe offers an entire line created with honey, the RĂªve de Miel, where products exploit the benefits of honey: among the bestsellers there is definitely the Dehydrated Skin Cleansing Gel for the face and body that cleans and nourishes the skin by wrapping it in a delicious perfume. For lips always soft and smooth you can try the new Lip Balm and Gommage Lips of Sephora: thanks to the sugar particles it gently exfoliates the lips making them smooth, while honey nourishes deeply giving softness. Guerlain has instead created a product able to give a touch of youth to lips and lip contour: Honey Smile Lift makes the lips fuller and can also be used on the expression lines of the lip contour thanks to its lifting effect. For the care of your hair you can try the new Nourish Shampoo by Biolage R.A.W., a line composed of 99% natural ingredients and biodegradable formulas. This shampoo contains honey and quinoa shells to deeply moisturize your hair and counteract the dull and opaque effect. Discover all the products to try in the gallery!