Eggplants are a typical Autumn food, but its benefits are not only seen at the table. Here are all the beauty remedies you can prepare with eggplants to get a perfect skin.

Did you know that eggplants can bring different benefits to your body? Autumn food par excellence, it is perfect to counteract free radicals and to purify the body from excess waste. Their beneficial properties are not only about health, but also about beauty. The eggplants are in fact an excellent ally for your skin.

Here are some beauty remedies based on eggplants:

Body scrub recipe

Few people know about it, but the eggplant is one of the best ingredients for preparing scrubs and beauty masks. If you want a smooth and velvety skin, you can make an exfoliant product at home, with which the eggplants will nourish and moisturize the skin:

– blend the eggplant pulp;
– add 4 tablespoons of fine salt, the zest of a lemon and two tablespoons of oil of almonds;
– amalgamate everything and massage it on the skin of your body, especially in the roughest areas, such as the elbows.

Facial exfoliant recipe

This scrub can be used all over the body, while if you want a facial exfoliant:

– blend the eggplant pulp;
– add honey, almond oil and lavender essential oil this time, very useful to have a relaxing effect;
– massage the mixture on the face; then rinse with lukewarm water.

Soothing mask recipe

The eggplants can also be used to create masks for your face: the beneficial properties of this vegetable in fact allow you to purify the skin and soothe irritations.

When your skin is red or it has small rashes, you can prepare a soothing mask.

– crush the pulp of an eggplant;
– apply it on your face;
– leave it in place for 20 minutes.

If instead your problem is the impurities, you can combine the pulp of eggplant with that of an apple, then add lemon juice and massage the mixture on your face.