Outside is very hot and you want to lose weight to show your abdominals at the beach?

It's your lucky day, we have the drink for you: water with cucumber, lemon and ginger!

With the return of the heat you can read about a lot of detox drinks that seem to work miracles, accelerate the metabolism, deflate belly, send the varicose veins away, purify the liver and make you come back young and roaring as you were again 20-years-old. And of course these drinks also moisturize the skin and make it smooth as Carrara marble.

Let's immediately debunk this so widespread false myth. Unfortunately, drinks with such powerful miracle virtues do not exist and you will not lose weight by eating pills of rosehip and milk thistle.

All hoaxes and marketing to make you spend your money.

Of course every food, herb, flower, plant, pharmacological preparation or natural remedy has an active ingredient, but it is our liver the organ responsible for the disposal of toxins. It is the liver which acts as a filter, even with medicines and every other food ingested, so do not be fooled.

If you eat fish and chips and cotechino every day and then take two days of detox diet by drinking 30 cabbage and kiwi smoothies, you will not lose weight and you will not be purified at all. There are no shortcuts on the road to wellness, let alone on the diet.

So all these preambles just to say that there is no hope?

No, just do not be fooled and be wise. A healthy and balanced diet based on lots of fruit and vegetables and healthy physical activity are all you need: the secret is not to eliminate toxins, for that our body is already more than equipped, but avoid them!

But in this way, what would they sell? Prevention?

Preamble finished. Let's move on to our super-refreshing cocktail.

The dear old water with cucumber, lemon and ginger will not work miracles, but it is a thirst-quenching drink that you can drink at all hours to quench your thirst and get tanked with vitamins and mineral salts.

Sure it's a nice diuretic non-alcoholic cocktail, but anyway it will not melt cellulite or help you open the sixth jade dragon chakra that eats the rising sun.

Remember that this drink is excellent as a welcome drink to offer guests before a summer dinner or just to not always drink the usual water. There are no added sugar except for a few drops of elderberry syrup (just if you wish), so calories are not a problem.

Ingredients for making magic water with cucumber
1 liter of still or sparkling water if you are feeling crazy
1 cucumber
2 lemons
5 cm of ginger
a few drops of elderberry syrup

How to make magic water with cucumber, lemon and ginger

Wash the cucumber and the lemon, and peel the ginger.

Squeeze the lemons and filter the juice. Keep aside a few slices to put in the carafe.

Cut the ginger and cucumber into slices.

Put the ginger in a carafe and lightly pound it with a pestle.

Add the water, cucumber, lemon juice and elderberry syrup and stir gently.

Enough, finished, that's all, the recipe for miraculous water is very simple, but it will help keep you well hydrated and toned.