How to Make Pancakes Extra Fluffy: the Secret to Obtaining the Perfectly Fuffy American Pancakes

Pancakes are a global favorite, with light and fluffy textures being key. The recipe combines flour, sugar, and baking powder with eggs, melted butter, and milk, gently mixing. Cook in a greased pan until bubbles form, then flip. Preparing the batter ahead, avoiding over-mixing, and using milk ensures fluffiness. Pancake mixes are convenient but making from scratch offers more control.

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Pancakes are a beloved breakfast classic enjoyed all around the world, with a variety of recipes and preparation techniques. But no matter how they're made, one thing unites all pancake enthusiasts: the desire for a light, fluffy texture. Here's all you need to know for making the best, fluffiest pancakes.

How to Make Pancakes

Start by combining 450g of flour, 75g of sugar, and 20g of baking powder. In a separate bowl, whisk together 3 eggs, 250g of melted butter, and 500g of milk. Slowly fold the dry ingredients into the wet mixture until just combined. To cook the pancakes, grease a preheated pan with butter, removing any excess. Pour in the batter by the ladle or spoonful. When bubbles form on the surface, flip the pancake to cook the other side. Serve your pancakes warm, stacked high, and topped with your favorite condiments.


The Secrets for the Fluffiest Pancakes

For truly fluffy pancakes, preparation is key. Preparing the batter the night before or at least half an hour ahead allows the ingredients to fully combine, leading to a smoother texture. Ensure your pan is well greased with butter to prevent sticking and give the pancakes a golden-brown finish. Cooking on a low to medium flame ensures even cooking, while flipping the pancakes only when bubbles appear on the surface helps retain their fluffiness.

Two key factors influence fluffiness: leavening agents and handling. The baking powder acts as a leavening agent, releasing gas and causing the pancakes to rise. Handling the batter gently and avoiding over-mixing preserves these air pockets, ensuring the pancakes remain light and fluffy.

Milk vs. Water: Which is Better for Fluffiness?

While milk is typically used for pancake batter, some might wonder if water can be substituted. Milk contributes to the pancakes' texture, providing a richer, more tender crumb due to its fat content. While water can be used, the pancakes may not be as rich or fluffy. Therefore, for the fluffiest pancakes, milk is the preferred choice.


Can You Make Fluffy Pancakes Using Pancake Mix?

For convenience, pancake mixes offer a quick way to make fluffy pancakes. Many commercial mixes include leavening agents and only require the addition of liquids. While these mixes can produce good results, for ultimate control over flavor and texture, consider making the batter from scratch, adjusting the ingredients to your taste and preference.

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