Frying is always a good idea but, after enjoying some crispy chips and fried squid, the problem is how to dispose of the used oil that cannot be reused and that must be thrown away: if you are wondering how to correctly dispose of it in an environmentally friendly way, you are in the right place.

Dispose of the used frying oil in the wrong way, pouring it into the common kitchen sink, for example, can cause serious damage to our planet: this is why there is a specific procedure to dispose of it, which is valid for both individual citizens and companies.

The frying oil is not biodegradable and it has a high polluting impact: disposing it in the correct way will allow you not to give up your crispy french fries while helping the waste collection and disposal process. Let's see how to do it in a simple and environmentally friendly way.

Why used frying oil is harmful to the environment

Used oil is highly polluting, this means that it must under no circumstances end up in the sink or worse in the drain of your toilet: because, through the pipes, it would end up directly in the ground causing enormous damage to the environment.

The used oil in fact, in contact with the ground, forms a kind of film that prevents the roots of the plants from naturally absorbing the water they need. In contact with ground waters, waste oil (a liter is enough) can make dozens of liters of water no longer drinkable, preventing oxygenation. If you have ever thought of throwing the used oil into the sea, think again immediately: the oil in fact forms a patina that prevents the passage of sunlight and obviously damages the marine ecosystem.

How to correctly dispose of used oil

Now that you have the reasons why properly disposing of waste oil is very important for everyone's health, let's see how to do it in a few steps and in the right way:

use a suitable container, made of tin or plastic (bottles will also work) to recover the used oil;

when you have finished frying wait for the oil to cool and pour it into your container;

once full, take the containers with the used oil to the nearest "waste collection centres" where you can leave them absolutely free;

in many cases even petrol stations and supermarkets provide for the free collection of used oil.

How to recycle used oil

Just in case you are wondering: once properly disposed of, can used oil be recycled? The answer is yes: through the work of companies specialized in "special" waste, used oil can be transformed into lubricants, inks, oils for agricultural machines and even candles.

In short, properly disposing of used frying oil is an excellent habit that helps not only the environment but also our economy: disposing in the right way means giving new life to waste and to do it you need very few simple steps.