Read on to know about the best way to choose and keep the pineapples.

Pineapple is quite a sturdy fruit. This tropical fruit can be used in various culinary preparations, from dessert to snack to main dish and even beverages. So, with such a wide range of prospective uses, it will be wise to store this nutritious fruit in your kitchen all through the year. However, one must know how to pick and store pineapple correctly.

Here are details on how to select and store the pineapples perfectly!

Smell it

A ripe pineapple will give out a sweet smell when you sniff its stem end and the one that has no scent, might not be ripe yet. It is to be noted that the sweet scent of pineapple is quite distinguishable at its stem, as it the strongest in this region of the fruit. However, do not pick pineapples that smell fermented, alcohol or vinegar-like.

Squeeze it

Upon squeezing lightly with the fingers, it should feel firm but slightly soft enough to press it down just a tad bit.

Weigh it

A heavy pineapple is usually juicier, sweeter, and riper. Remember, a heavier pineapple need not be large in size but it should be heaviest among the fruits of the similar size range.

Pluck the leaf

It is believed that it is comparatively easy to pluck a leaf of ripe pineapple, without much resistance. However, if the leaf comes out too easily, the fruit might be rotten.

Check color

The pineapple with a green tint all over might not be ripe yet. However, you must avoid the ones which are all green or all brown and pick the ones that appear healthy. Also, the fruit that appears yellow tends to be a sweeter fruit.

Check leaf color

Choose the fruit with healthy and green colored leaves. Do not pick the ones with withering and brown leaves.

Check the shape

It should have a nice round edge and relatively flat and developed eyes. Avoid the ones with wrinkles, cracks, and reddish-brown skin.

Store uncut pineapple at room temperature

Pineapples can stay fresh for a decently long time, provided they remain uncut. If the cut pineapples are stored at room temperature they tend to spoil fast.


Refrigerate after cutting them

Uncut and whole pineapples can be stored in the refrigerator. However, after cutting them you must refrigerate it.