We all get teary eyed while chopping onions and yet we use them in almost all kinds of curries, broths or for that matter savory preparations. It is time that all the cooks of the world get a happy break from crying and feel happy to use onions. Here, we would like to introduce you to the miracle of science, the tear free onions.

Since time immemorial using onions has been the saddest part of any cook’s life for obvious reasons. And, sadly most of the recipes require more than just one onion to build that perfect flavor base. People throughout the world have tried various ways to counter getting teary eyed while using onion and scientists have also tried their best to ease out the daily kitchen hassle for many of us. But, even after all these years many cooks around the world still cry while chopping onions.

Thank god there are scientists in the world that discover miraculous stuff and help us to keep our faith in the power of prayers. With the new onion variety invented by Bayer, wiping of tears while chopping onions may just become a thing of past.

The Sunion is the name given to this new variety of onion which took about thirty years for the scientists to develop by the process of cross breeding. Sunion resembles any other yellow onion and if cut open immediately at the fields is as likely to make you cry as well. But, upon storage sunions turn milder, sweeter and easier on the eyes.

Since it is a very recent creation sunions cannot be easily found everywhere and only seven states in the US are selling it. Luckily, not many people are aware of the discovery, making the demand for sunions pretty low, while the ones who know about the presence of sunions are trying their level best to find these on a regular basis.

The retailers who are selling sunions are trying their best to grab eye balls of the customers and the consumers are gleefully picking them up in large quantities. People who have used them share that sunions are living up to their promise on the cutting board and even though it resembles and tastes like a regular onion, it is slightly less pungent.

Farmers who are growing and selling sunions are extremely excited to share their produce with the population and bring less tear shedding moments in the lives of people who feed the entire household tirelessly day in and day out.