We all wish to have a magical 2019, and to actually enjoy a magical beginning to this new year you can sip on some unicorn tear’s wine! Yes, it is no joke and a Spanish winery has come up with this unique wine with sparkles and pink color. Read on to know more about this exclusive beverage.

A Spanish winery Gik has introduced a magical beginning to this year by coming up with a unique unicorn tear’s wine that is pink and sparkly. In fact, this wine is very very pink, which will certainly make all the unicorn lovers around the world really very happy.

The brand Gik is also the one which created the world’s first blue wine. This brand was formed many years ago by a few Spanish entrepreneurs who grouped together to introduce a blue wine in to the market. They created Gik blue that took about 2 years to develop with the help of some chemical engineers. They launched the wine in the year 2015 in to the Spanish market and then later expanded to online selling, and to various other European nations. In the year 2017, they introduced this special wine to the United States as well.

Following the success, Gik’s blue various other variety of blue wines have hit the market ever since. Gik has now rebranded itself to Gik Live! and it still continues to develop unusual drinks.

It is still not clear that which variety of grape is used to create the special unicorn tear’s wine. However, it is likely that they must have used either of these methods: the maceration method (the skin of red grapes is pressed to make the wine while it’s juice ferments), the Vin Gris method (requires very less maceration time), or saignee method (a small ratio of juice blends during the making of red wine, which further ferments in to rose).

We suspect that to get the unique color of unicorn tear’s wine manufacturers may need a bit more help than just grape skin. According to a press release, organic pigments of raspberries are used to add an extra hint of brightness. The sparkle in this beverage is created with the use of mineral pigments. It contains 12% alcohol and is expected to have a fruity, candy like taste.

This special wine is currently available in packs of 3, 6, or 12 bottles at the Gik’s website starting with the rate of 39 euros. And, it is expected to be launched in the US very soon.