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Jay-Z Has Taken An Interest In A Peculiar Pizza Food Truck

Jay-Z is famous for his musical accolades, but these days, he has become famous as a serial investor who makes investments in new startups via his venture capital firm, Marcy Venture Partners. One of his recent financial moves through the firm has included a pizza food truck which has many curious about what may have caught his interest. Here’s the scoop.

By Cookist

Jay-Z is recognized as the first hip-hop billionaire according to Forbes, and considering how many black-owned companies he has invested in over the past few years, it’s not hard to see why. Some of his business interests have included Rihanna's Savage X Fenty, Promise payment technology, and the Scratch loan service tool.

That’s not all; the rapper has an extensive portfolio filled with blockchain assets and has also thrown his considerable wealth at food brands. In 2019, he invested in a vegan cookie and baking brand known as Partake, and in 2021, he participated in a $50 million fundraiser for SIMULATE’s plant-based meat.

Most recently, Jay-Z has extended his reach into the Pizza making industry by supporting Benson Tsai, Ted Cizma (former SpaceX executive chef), and about two dozen other ex-SpaceX employees in creating an in-vehicle machine that can make a pizza in less than five minutes.

Yes, there are now pizza-making robots that can be mobilized in food trucks, and it is all handled by Stellar Pizza, which Jay-Z has invested in. All that is needed for this to work is a man behind the wheels who will also double as the waiter, serving pizzas the automated machine whips up rapidly.


Can this really be? Indeed. And what’s more? The automation can make 420 pizzas before needing another restock.

Tsai’s objective with this venture is to offset inflated food prices by reducing labor costs and selling straight to the consumer. With such a lofty goal, it is unsurprising that Stellar Pizza could attract an investor like Jay-Z, who threw a mouth-watering sum of $16.5 million for the company’s first major round of funding.

Thanks to his contribution, Tsai’s goal suddenly has much more potential, and pizza lovers can”t wait to see how far they will go in the future.

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