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Jif’s Upcoming Product Release Will Be Of A Squeezable Container Of Creamy Peanut Butter

Famous food brand, Jif is seeking to make things easier for their customers. In July 2020, the company will launch a new creamy peanut butter that comes in a container like never before – it is squeezable! With this new product, you can put peanut to good use on just about any food item. How cool is that!?

By Cookist

Are you tired of unceasingly scraping at the bottom of jars to get your daily fix of peanut butter? We know we are!

This is why we received Jif's recent announcement that its new product will be in a squeezable container as the best news ever.

You'd agree that scraping jars is hardly productive; in fact, it is a great source of discouragement, limiting the number of ideas you may have to try out new recipes using peanut butter.

Since this new product, the Jif Squeeze Creamy Peanut Butter, can be easily squeezed out of the container, it makes using peanut butter effortless.

From using it to make sandwiches to squirting it on smoothies, or even mixing it into guacamole, you can now try out several creative ideas with peanut butter.

The vice president, marketing for the Jif Brand, Rebecca Scheidler, reiterated this in a speech to announce the soon-to-be-released product. Further, she shared that the squeezable pouch was created because of a need to make things easier for their customers.



"Jif lovers enjoy their Jif in a variety of ways – in smoothies and snacks, as a key ingredient in cooking and baking, or even eating it ‘straight up' with a spoon. With our new squeezable pouch, we're making it even easier and quicker for Jif lovers everywhere to get their Jif fix."

The squeezable pouch will contain 13-ounce ls of creamy peanut butter, which means that there us no nutty texture. However, that much is expected since squeezing out chunks of nuts may prove difficult.

Following its release, you will be able to purchase the Jif Squeeze Creamy Peanut Butter at Target Amazon, and other retailers.

Image credits: JIF

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