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Jimmy Kimmel Shares The Recipe For His Children’s Favorite Pasta Dish

The famous television host is currently self-quarantined with his family. Like most other celebrities, he took to social media to share that one of his most constant activities each day is cooking his children's favorite pasta dish, "Pasta Tina." By popular demand, Kimmel has posted a new video to show fans how it is prepared.

By Cookist

According to Kimmel, the name of the pasta dish was coined by his children, Jane, 5, and Billy, 2, that he shares with wife Molly McNearney.

He further explained that they demand that he Prepares the dish every day, and luckily for him, it is pretty easy to do.

Kimmel wore an apron leaving fans delighted as he cooked in a video he posted on Instagram on Wednesday, April 15. The base of the dish is any pasta that is of small size; to prepare it, Kimmel blended cannellini beans with garlic and a dash of olive oil, so that the children won't see it in the dish whole.

The sauce is given extra seasoning by mixing in concentrated chicken stock or base. In a pot, Kimmel boiled enough pasta for his young brood.

After the pasta softened enough, Kimmel mixed in the nutritious sauce so that the pasta was fully covered. The finishing touch, sprinkling cheese over the pasta, was, however, the most important for Kimmel who said:

"Have good Parmesan cheese. It's very important; not just for recipes but for your life." 

In his own little way, Jimmy Kimmel is endorsing the stay at home directive to limit the spread of the coronavirus. He hosts his famous TV show, now temporarily known as "Jimmy Kimmel Live From His House."

It was during one of the recent episodes with Ellen DeGeneres that Kimmel disclosed that he now cooks for his children frequently and that their most favorite is the Pasta Tina!

How about trying out this special meal with your kids?

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