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Kebab in a bottle: the easy tip to make a very delicious meal

By Cookist

To organize a party or an alternative dinner this is a right tip for you. Using a plastic bottle you'll prepare perfect meat skewers to stuff the bread.

Ingredients: 500 gr minced lamb; parsley; four spices; salt; black pepper; cheese slices; baguette; tomato; salad; sauces. Plastic bottle; a glass jar.



1) In a large bowl mix together the lamb, parsley, spices, salt and pepper;

2) Cut in half the bottle and fill it with meat;

3) Press the bottle on a glass jar;

4) When the meat comes out, using a toothpick to make the skewers;

5) Grill the skewers on a pan, then add the cheese and roll around the meat;

6) Prepare the tomato slices and the salad, season them with salt and oil;

7) Cut a longe baguette and fill it with skewers, tomato, salad, onion and sauces;

8) You can serve these amazing sandwiches with potatoes (fries, chips or baked);

Serve and enjoy.

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