Kombucha is a powerhouse of good microorganisms that benefit our health. Read on to know more about it and the ways it affects us.

Kombucha is sweetened ancient fermented beverage that may actually not appeal to you visually but offers many benefits for your overall health. It is also known as booch and its origin can be traced to Russia and/or China. Scoby is a thing that looks like a mushroom or a floating blubber and is used to prepare Kombucha by initiating the fermentation process.

The scoby adds yeast and bacteria to kombucha by fermenting it and also gives it a tart and probiotic effervescent punch. These probiotics present in kombucha are highly beneficial for the gut health and its defense. There are other reports that credit kombucha to assist in weight loss, being a stress buster, helping to detox the body, providing antioxidants and energy, and boosting the immunity. The effect of kombucha on digestion is pretty fast and it paves the way for overall health improvement.

Seeing its incredible health benefits, kombucha is now commercially available in bottles and is a great alternative to the usual beverages. In fact, if you are addicted to fizzy drinks, you should immediately consider swapping the soda with kombucha as it is low in sugar and improves probiotic flora of your system. The sweet and bubbly kombucha is a perfect alternative to the caffeinated beverages which are loaded with unhealthy levels of sugar.

Kombucha is boozy in nature as it contains alcohol, which has been produced due to the fermentation of sugar by the yeast and it is another reason for you to consider consuming this beverage. With so many health benefits offered by this naturally produced beverage, kombucha is surely capturing the interest of market as brewers are now creating it in various flavors. In fact, some of the companies are also creating a cocktail of kombucha with other beneficial plants such as ginseng and rhodiola, to protect our health and leverage on its demand.

One thing that you have to be careful before buying kombucha is that it should contain live cultures and should not be pasteurized while it is being bottled. If interested you can also prepare kombucha at home and make a large stock of this healthy beverage. It is actually quite a simple process to prepare kombucha at home as you just have to brew some sweetened tea, cool it, add to the crockpot and let the scoby work for at least a week’s time. And, finally just pour a glassful and drink some for your good health.