No one counts the number of fries when eating them. But, according to experts you must (and don’t be shocked to know) count the number of fries that you consume in a day to stay healthy. Read on to know more about it.

French fries are the most loved food for people around the world. These crunchy deep fried potato sticks are not only easy to eat but taste super delicious too. It may not be wrong to assess that more half of the population around the world is addicted to fries. Keeping the taste aspect aside, it is also known that French fries are not healthy in nature and can lead to unwanted weight gain. Read on to know about the recommended quantity of these delicious fries that you must eat to stay healthy.

Fries are extremely addictive and it is very difficult to pass any opportunity to savor them. However, if you want to stay in the best of shape then you have to do the impossible and control yourself after eating just six pieces of this crispy snack. According to a professor at Harvard University, TH Chan, restricting an intake of French fries to just six in a day is the key to stay healthy in a long run. And, this number of fries can be consumed only with a generous portion of a healthy salad to balance out the nutritional intake.

Potatoes as such are not unhealthy and are a good source of vital nutrients, including vitamins and minerals. However, it is the way you eat this starchy vegetable that guides the nutritional quotient of potatoes. French fries carry more than 200 calories in a single serve apart from an unhealthy load of salt as well.

We all know, that it is really heart wrenching to give up on fries after a count of six because for the biggest part of nutritional knowledge it was observed that eating up to 10 French fries or potato wedges can be considered healthy. The biggest reason to limit French fries at such a small number is that it is very high in starch, salt, and fat. So the reason French fries turn out crispy and delicious is the sole reason for you to limit them. In fact, re-frying the fries to increase their crispness makes them unhealthier.

Lately, many people are switching to air frying or baking the fries to cut down on calories. You can also, choose a healthier version by replacing the humble potato with sweet potatoes that are rich in vitamin A and C, fiber, and are low in calories!