Maguey honey or agave syrup is a beneficial and very ancient sweetener: it was used since the Aztec era. It is a sweet liquid that is obtained from the bulb of the agave plant, and which can be a healthy alternative to sugar. In particular, the Maguey honey is extracted from the blue agave, also known as Agave Tequiliana Weber, the same one from which tequila is distilled. It is a sweetener that can be used instead of sugar because it is not aromatic: it can therefore give sweetness to food and drink without altering its taste. This syrup was used by the ancient Romans and the Egyptians for its beneficial and therapeutic properties: it was used above all to treat burns and wounds. But let's find out more about its properties and if there are any health hazards.

Properties and benefits of Maguey honey


The therapeutic properties of Maguey honey have been known since ancient times: this precious syrup was in fact used by Egyptians, Romans and African tribes to treat burns and wounds. Even the roasted leaves of the agave were an excellent remedy to cure the sores while, dried and chopped, they helped to reduce the pain. Maguey honey is rich in trace elements and mineral salts that help strengthen the immune system, while calcium would help prevent osteoporosis in menopausal women. Maguey honey also contains inulin, a carbohydrate that keeps cholesterol levels under control.

Agave syrup also helps the intestine: the fibers and inulin protect the mucosa, facilitate digestion and strengthen the intestinal bacterial flora, the so-called microbiota, and it is also considered an antitumor, as it keeps cancer cells away. The sticky consistency of maguey honey also favors the sense of satiation, thus becoming the recommended sweetener for those who follow a low-calorie diet, always used in moderation. It can also be an excellent alternative for people with diabetes, especially thanks to the low glycemic index. We are also talking about a plant extract: it can be therefore also consumed by celiacs and vegans.

Can maguey honey be dangerous?

Some say that the agave syrup is not so healthy, especially due to the chemical processes to which it is subjected so that it can last a long time. To prepare Maguey honey, it is necessary to reach high temperatures: this involves a modification of the sugars present in the agave. The end result will be a very sweet product, with few mineral salts and vitamins, and with the same calories as common sugar. Then choose slightly modified products, reading the label well, and associate their consumption with a balanced diet, alternating it with other sweeteners. In case of pathologies and health problems, consult your doctor before consuming it.