When trying to lose weight, you might be tempted to skip breakfast, but this could actually be worse for your weight loss. Skip breakfast and you are more likely to snack later during the day (adding to your calorie intake). If you have a sweet tooth, and usually reach for a chocolate croissant, rather choose a slice of whole-wheat toast with chocolate nut butter (the kind without added sugars). Not only will it satisfy your sweet tooth, but the healthy fats and protein in the nut butter will keep you fuller for longer.

When making scrambled eggs, use egg whites only, and save the egg yolks in the freezer for when you need them for baking. Also opt for lean bacon (or better yet, turkey bacon), and skip the ketchup (unnecessary sugar!).

During lunch time, refrain from eating at your work desk, and rather take time to enjoy your lunch. Studies show that when we are distracted (like working on the computer while eating), we tend to eat 250 more calories!

You might be tempted to slather your sandwich with creamy mayo, but those are calories that can be used elsewhere. Rather use a drizzle of olive oil, or make your own creamy avocado mayo (with lemon juice to prevent browning).

If you like cheese in your salads (or sandwiches), opt for feta cheese instead of cheddar. Per 100g, it has about 150 less calories. Canned tuna is a great protein to add to your lunch, but rather go for tuna packaged in brine (110 calories per serving) instead of tuna in oil (160 calories per serving).

Dinner time can be challenging if you’re trying to lose weight, but small changes can help you reach your goal. Choose chicken breasts and lean pork cuts instead of lamb and beef. It’s lower in fat and also better for your heart health. You might be drinking a lot of your calories without realizing it. One glass of wine contains about 125 calories. If you can’t do without your vino, then try drinking half a glass.

Pastas in rich, creamy sauces are delicious, but they’re not so great for your waistline. Swap the heavy cream sauces for tomato-based ones. It’s lower in fat, and provides you with the cancer-fighting antioxidant, lycopene.

If there is one area where most break their diet, it’s with snacks! But by making the right choices, you can still include snacks in your diet. Instead of a milk chocolate bar (which is usually packed with sugar and fat), rather go for two blocks of 70% dark chocolate. It’s better for weight loss and can actually lower your risk of heart disease.

Most people think that dried fruits are a good snacking option, but they’re often laden with sugar. Instead, snack on fresh fruits. It has less sugar (when compared by weight), more fiber, and will also be more filling (which means you will snack less).